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As we struggle so, look for beauty and the light and let go

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For me, finding a beautiful moment has become a sign that we are supposed to be here, that we are being guided and the struggles will be well fought for, meaning what we fight for there is reward in and positive creations coming out of it...

i still believe deep down that the worst thing you can possibly imagine can somehow be brought to a place of positive peaceful energy and goodness no matter how dark the idea the event . there is always more light. and sometimes the right thing comes to be as we let go.

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That's beautiful 💚

Thanks so much Magicdreamer... trying over here

Thanks very much 🤔 is in the eye of the beholder

True. I have a list of beauty that I need to remind me that life is worth living. Its so hard when you are in the darkness and the mind twists the beauty and positivity as if we won’t win the fight as if it’s all just impossible or it’s just too much ya know.

I know starr ...done anything nice today ?any more fox cubs

My littlest man and I planted some flower seeds. I went over some stuff that’s been bothering; just a bunch of paperwork done, feel better that it’s organized. I haven’t seen fox in a while. How about you? Done anything nice today?

Got out to a coffee shop today and bought some nice food but enjoyed it for a change instead of it being a bad experience done some pottering around the garden it was quite fresh today which I was glad of ....great you planted stuff ✌🏼😊..nature will always bring us some hope eh

Good for you! You show those bad experiences that you have replacements!!! Yes nature. 🌱

Doing really well, hun xxxx

Without the dark you would never see the light.

I am so tired of being in the dark.

I pretend I’m okay sometimes. Probably everyone does some , eh? Well from the outside I guess I am doing a good enough job doing things I need to do to the best of my ability but it’s still dark. I’m dark way down. I feel tormented.

I think I care to an extreme like very sensitive about feelings and it makes it all too much. When my babies are suffering I can barely take it even after the appointment is over I still am so sad about it. Everything piles up and I am trying to let them just go!.......I need to let go and Im not doing it fully. I need patience. Ok maybe I need to accept that I’m gonna be bipolary, I’m bipolar, forever I will be, I can accept that, that it’s not that I’m the problem, not that it’s my fault and that typically I’m all over the place and I can still do this life... I have to for my family.... and. for me too... thanks I really needed to tell someone.

Twinkle, twinkle my bright shining star....I know exactly who you are....You're the brightest star in the night....That shines with a forever light!

I hear you. I needed that. May God bless you.


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Hey Ddorne God bless you.

How are you hun xxxx

Mixed up lost gal sir half the day the other I’m dancing in the streets ... how are you? Thank you 🙏 😊 for being you... actually I’m really really struggling and there’s no way out that I can see right now but I think maybe I’ll make a way

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