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Health anxiety you monster

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I’m really struggling with my health anxiety. I just went to the dr my blood work came back fine. Yet I still want to think something is wrong with me. I get night heartburn and acid reflex that keeps me from sleeping. I don’t know if it’s real our my monster of anxiety tricking me to think it’s real. It’s becoming a real crutch and I feel hopeless. They there are times I’m angry with this monster and refuse to have it sabotage my life. It’s making me question every aspect of my life. I just need someone to tell me I can overcome this monster and put him to sleep!

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You can beat this. One powerful thing you can try is mindfulness. I would read more about it yourself but basically you have to rationally look at the situation and ask if you really are okay. For instance, you said you had blood work done. Remind yourself of that and then don't try to force the anxiety away. You have to let yourself experience the sensations so you can overcome it. When you are able to just experience the sensations of the anxiety you can start to realize that it's just thoughts. And those thoughts can't hurt you but you can re frame them and make them not cause you anxiety. Also for the heartburn, if you do have it, sleeping on your left side helps with it. You can do this. You are strong. You are capable. You are not defined by your anxiety. I believe in you.

Thank you!! It means a lot!!

Hi Mindfulliving :) I did beat Anxiety but not until I had spent years in going from doctor to doctor looking for answers that weren't there. I was a healthy young woman but didn't believe it. The doctors I went to were all specialists and the best in their field and yet I didn't believe. Every time they saw me once again in their office, they would begin to smirk at my being there once again. There was this one doctor who was getting perturbed with me and it was his words one day that turned me around.

After months of the same tests being done over and over, he looked right at me and very seriously said "I can do one last thing to prove to you that you are okay". With eager anticipation that I now was going to get my answers, he said "I'll do an Exploratory on You"

That would required a surgical cut from my upper chest all the way down, checking each and

every organ. Of course, I knew I'd be left with a gnarly scar as a reminder. I thanked him for

his time and told him that's not going to happen.

From that time on, I ramped up the therapy and started finding other methods to get me through. I turned back to Dr. Claire Weekes' book on "Hope & Help for Your Nerves" as well as watching her videos on YouTube. I was going to beat this Entity called Anxiety and when I did, I would pass my success forward to others struggling with the same issues.

And here I am...I can't get back all the years I lost allowing Anxiety to take control of my life but I can help shorten the time that others are struggling. With their help and my support, we all deserve a chance to live life and not just exist. Welcome to the Forum :) xx

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Thank you!! Much appreciated 😊

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:) xx You're very welcome


I too get nervous about my bloodwork results, facing them a little like a report card you give to the doctor to sign!

Bloodwork results can show whether you are on the right track or not.

Many other tests can help define what treatment might help you , if needed.

My therapist says, you are not broken, you are healing and growing”. It takes time along with learning to treat yourself with the same kindness and care you would give to a loved one. Be kind to yourself, and take care of yourself, it is going to be alright.

Thank you!!! 😊

You are welcome. I hope you are feeling better! The sun comes up the next day 100% of the time, even if it is too cloudy too see it. Trust that, and know that you can make it until the sun shines again.

I was better yesterday and today I’m trying to hang on to yesterday’s feeling. Everyday is a challenge but I’m trying.

Hi Mindfulliving,

Like Agora1, I recovered using principles that Dr. Claire Weekes taught.

You can't beat the anxiety monster by fighting it, you just keep giving it more energy. I tried for decades to overcome the monster by force and failed. But once I learned how to make peace with it, it slowly faded away.

You health issues (acid reflux) are real, and likely caused by your anxiety. If you recover from the anxiety, your stomach problems should clear up.

Thank you!!! 😊

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