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So frustrated and mad

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These seizures have really made me mad and feeling sorry for myself. Especially now since I can’t work. It makes me mad at myself when I get mad at others like husband or kids. Even if it was a legitimate reason for me to be upset. Then I start getting mad and sorry for myself. My memory sucks too. I can remember things from young years but since I started having the seizures my memory has gotten so bad that I get mad at myself for being so stupid. I got diagnosed almost 20 years ago ... I don’t remember the exact year . I guess I can look that up in my health chart but I don’t want to

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Well, I don't get seizures, but I am very frustrated with myself too. I haven't worked in a long time and we live in a society where your work is your worth. And I don't want to get another minimum wage job that I might dislike intensely and want to quit after a month. It can be a rough world out there.

Hello, Mother of 2,I am sorry to hear of how frustrated that you are. However, I do understand your position. I have been there too. I was born with epilepsy, I get the seizures deal and the laps of memory. I have spent my life learning from my epilepsy. I have gone through many seasons throughout all these years. At one point in time, I would have said I am angry and hate all these seizures that I am going through and feel sorry for myself. But today, I look back at my life and see how my seizures have built and shaped who I am today. Epilepsy is a tool that has been great for me, growing in compassion, confidence, caring for others... It has shown me that anger only makes things worse and stresses my life out-in which causes me to struggle with more seizure activity and wrestle with a harder family relationship. Why not choose your behavior each morning as you get up and find the positive in your daily walk in life? You will find that this perspective will change your whole outlook on your life and your family's life. It can be hard to make this choice but it is well worth the hard work of making this choice every morning. I am praying for you!

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Thank you 🙏

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Good morning Mother of 2,It has been a couple of weeks since you have posted your message on here. How are you feeling and doing these days, since?

Try not to get upset because that can trigger another seizure or other health problems. Neither seizures or a stroke would be ok. Maybe focus on a hobby or go deeper and rediscover yourself and interest s?

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