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Wanting to end the struggle

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Yesterday I had a handful of pills; ready to give in. It’s a struggle when others want you to live and you just want relief from the internal pain. Called a friend and asked for help. Still here today.

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So glad you are here today. A few years back I was there. Tears streaming with a handful of pills. I called a friend and I'm grateful for not following through I've had so many wonderful life experiences since. I always try to remember when I'm down that I will go up again this gives me hope in the dark and when I'm up I prepare myself for the downturn so when it happens I'm strong enough to get through it. Sending you a big hug xxx

Thank you. I’ve never been at this point before. I thought I was at my lowest a few years ago but this one was by far worse. Thanks for your response. I’m so glad I found this support group. I wish there was a F2F one around here.

We just need to be strong and be a support. This too will pass then we can enjoy other people's company again. Stay strong, you've got this

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reader - just replied to your org post... now saw this...

nami offers some F2F options.

here's another site offering F2F:


please check them out...

if you have any questions, you can also private message (PM or DM) me, if you prefer.

Glad you're still here xx

Glad you’re still here! It will get better ❤️

So glad you called and got help. Sending prayers for you! Remember there’s always hope. ❤️

hi reader, and welcome! you picked a great day to join!!!!!

i hear your pain, i've been there; i've felt your pain; and i'm feeling it.


i would've "taken my exit plan" decades ago - were it not for 1 (ONE) SINGLE THING.

i knew if i took the exit door - i would have definitively and permanently closed all other doors of opportunity forever. and there's always hope, no matter how small - that ONE of those doors would lead to bliss and/or fulfillment. and it only takes that one door - to make the living hell an ancient memory. and on top of that - as long as i don't go thru the exit door - it's always there.... so everyday - i kept looking for the next one door - because there's always another one - but you gotta stay in the hallway in order to find it.


i'm glad you asked for help. have you sought out professional help also?

here's a national organization with lots of resources:

please check out nami.org

i'd recommend doing ALL of those things... if only 1 of them helps - it's worth it. and honestly - i don't see how all of them wouldn't help in some way.

* reader... always know - you are not alone!!!

Don’t give in. Life has so much to offer. Find a distraction

I was there too. I know it is hard. I do not know anything that helps you to stop feeling this way because everyone of us suffered that situation in different levels but I really can tell you that if you keep fighting that idea, you will find the motivation you need to live your life.

It is not going to be easy and it could be a long road, but do not give up. You have done a wonderful job trying to stay alive.

I'm so glad u didn't do it I've had so many bad experiences in my life but always think why should I end it early if we r going to die anyway so I try to make the most of what I have and enjoy it you are strong and I'm so happy you phoned your friend and wish you all the best

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