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What mindset do you use to counter / cure Germophobia related OCD ?


I have been living with OCD since childhood until now. Half of my life is spent on dealing with OCD and Depression. It is VERY EXHAUSTING for me to the point that I have suicidal thought now. Please anyone could help me or share with me their similar stories dealing with OCD (mainly contamination or germs-related) and Depression in their lives and how they deal with that and mechanism / mindset to cope with this debilitating illness ..?

Thanks so much for your attention and support. Best wishes for you all.

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Yeah, but, but, you're making your world a cleaner place. Surely that's sufficient compensation? Clearly not.

Baby steps. I suggest look at your routine (perhaps even jot down precisely every OCD step (and duration) that you do during a two hour period -- I suppose the jotting down may become an added OCD step). Anyway, look at the list and see if there is ONE item that you could skip/ignore or downplay in a meaningful fashion. Work on getting that one change firmly entrenched into your routine, aim for a week of such changing. By then, it ought to be becoming a manageable and maintainable new routine.

Then, build on that by adding other such changes very gently and gradually over much time. Use a calendar and stickers -- give yourself a sticker each day you've managed to suppress/change another OCD behaviour significantly for 24 hrs. (I find stickers quite rewarding, useful to have a concrete reminder of progress to look back on.)

As to mood issues, 'slow motion' is helpful, doing routines in slow motion allows for mindfulness, almost a meditative frame of mind. That, and daily quiet breaks / meditation sessions for say twenty minutes where you blank your mind as best you can -- acts like money in the bank by providing an emotional reserve against the day's harshness and sharp edges (for me).

~wbiC, member anxiety-depression-support forum

editted to add: Beware of 'screen time', in excess it's depressing.

LenovoOne in reply to wbiC

Very informative and useful tips you have given, wbiC . Thank You very much for your respond. I really appreciate that.

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