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Bad year to be a senior

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Sooo obviously problems i'm dealing with now aren't new, they've been around for a while but it feels like it was at least manageable until last year or 2.

My point is right now is the worst it's been and it's just really inconvenient (to say the least) that I have to be so unmotivated, hopeless, etc. while having to apply to colleges and talk myself up. It's not like I'm lying about important stuff in applications but it feels fake saying how "excited I am about my education" and stuff when most days I want nothing more than to lay in bed and smoke.

And why do I have to plan for my future while feeling like constant shit?!

Just crappy timing...

5 Replies
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i get that. i have a life paper in economics and the thought of my future makes me want to break down. i had to look up colleges and think about what i wanted to study. i had like 3 breakdowns to say the least. the worst part is when i went to the teacher he told me i shouldn't be having anxiety over this. it's not set in stone. made me feel kind of worse ngl. point is that i get what you mean even though i'm only a junior. to say the least i'm not excited to apply to schools

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Yea and it doesn't help that i leave all my stuff to the last minute.I dont know if I should be concerned or proud that I wrote a college essay in a night an hour before it as due.

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I totally understand. School has gotten to be too much for me too, having to look after myself and take care of assignments. I decided to take time off, and I know that's not really an option for high school students, but if it's possible you can consider putting off applications for a year. Use the time to get a job and think about what you want to study, hopefully get more passionate about school. I know it seems like bad advice to say to just put it off, but if you have the option, it really works. If you don't have the option, just ignore all that and know you're not alone, a lot of students are in the same place.

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Tony042 in reply to Bookmage98

Thanks and I totally would take a year or at least a semester off if I could but my parents have made it clear for years that, that's not an option.Also I'm worried that if I stopped and nothing improved by next year I'd lose momentum towards going to college if that makes sense. And I can't be stuck at home for another year.

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I"m so sorry, my heart goes out to you and others trying to graduate and start adult life right now, It just sucks!! There is no rhyme or reason in this, but God... He loves you and has a plan for you. Jer. 29:11. Keep on keeping on, for better times are ahead and you must be strong either way, for giving up just makes things worse. Take any steps you can, baby steps and you will feel better with those accomplishments to continue on. You are in my prayers for answers and energy to keep going on. Connect with those in same situations and encourage each other. Also, taking magnesium is great to calm your spirit, mind and body, It helps with better sleep and peace. Ginseng is great to get rid of sticky negative thoughts that loop so you can move on. Best to you dear, celebrate your accomplishments, congratulations in your graduation! <3

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