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another mystery about me how come?

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something i have noticed almost any one who manages to be close to me enough turn to say i am some kind of psychologist saying i easily bring ideas to solve some age old and difficult problems for them most of the time it is mental strong people or less anxious people who come for help how ever this happens when they are having difficult or problems when they are happy i turn to be boring so my question HOW COME I HELP MENTAL STRONG PEOPLE WITH THEIR PROBLEMS but i cant even help myself to the minimum of being normal or less anxious person and is this part of anxiety and depression or is something else?

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Chajj I would try to not criticize yourself because your selling yourself short. I think most of us with anxiety/depression compare ourselves to others. I am so guilty of this but often times this comparison makes me feel worse and keeps me in my funk. I think you being there for others is a huge strength and shows the type of character you have. Instead maybe try listing all your positive attributes and maybe that will make you feel better ! Hope this helps !

You should start taking the advice you give to others...

Talk to yourself like you’d talk to a friend 💗

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Ashh3 in reply to FearIsALiar

I know 😩 why is it so hard to take your own advice ??

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FearIsALiar in reply to Ashh3

I struggle with it too! I guess it’s because we are only use to us talking negatively to ourselves.

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Ashh3 in reply to FearIsALiar

So true !!

You obviously have a lot of empathy and insight, which tells me you are a very sensitive person. This type of person feels things intensely and can be harder on themselves than they are on others. They also search for "deep" meaning in peoples' comments even when there is isn't any, which would tend to make somebody anxious for sure. Does this sound like you?

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Chajj in reply to ColorMeYellow

That is exactly what iam

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ColorMeYellow in reply to Chajj

Here's a video you might like...

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Chajj in reply to ColorMeYellow

thanks i already downloaded it with 4k downloader it interesting

Im sorry guy i cant coment specifical my windows 10 have updated itself while i forgot to turn on metered connection overnight i just woke up this mornin and i guess it was installing updates i cocould hear the the fan zoom but the

Love you all my digital familly you worth more than my physical parents you always give me exactly what i need emotional anttention im so gratefull because of you guess what today i managed to comment to one pretty girl in a mall while standing in a que for an ATM trasaction only because since i started the HU i feel as i have a background i had this thoughts that if anything wrong happens i will tell my familly surelly they will come up with endless solution and that is you

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Chajj in reply to Chajj

Compliment not comment to a girl im so amazed!!!!

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