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I read a post earlier in the week where the writer was feeling defeated because they had to come back to the site and not much had changed. If I thought this were true, I also would be feelin what's the use. I see people improve on here all the time. Some stay as I do because we like the community of unique people. Where else would we find people with so much kindness and information about our illness. People who have been helped by others and want to pass it on. People who are so strong they face their fears every day. People who have family and friends who don't understand and become isolated. People who don't realize they are some of the best people, the most caring. I am honored to be among you. Never sell yourselves short. Pam

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Wow! What a great message to read just before work in the morning. Very inspiring and positive. Thanks for sharing your outlook on this supportive community.

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Take it with you and have a positive day. Pam

Hi pam nice to see your still around not heard from you in ages! Regards the post I find that the people in this group are the best people for giving advice on certain subjects because they've been there and done it the wealth of knowledge that would be lost is immeasurable ! I'm forever grateful for the support I've received from people in this group thank you all I'm forever in your debt pam I can count you as someone who's been when I needed advice for that thank you and take care david xx

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You have done the same for me my friend. I don't write many post, but I do respond to others. Just seeing your name brightens my day, Pam

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Thank you for your kind words I will never forget your help and kindness and I would like to call you a friend God bless you pam!

Lovely post Pam and it sums up exactly why I stay here. I hope those who have left us have now healed and no longer need the site. x

Oh absolutely. I think some have to leave their trauma behind while others can stay and help. I don't feel any sense of obligation, just a sense of wanting to make it better for. another. Newer people on here surprise me with their insightful answers. I'm still a work in progress. Pam

This is random. But I'd just like to say I enjoyed reading this post. It felt so positive. And positive hasn't been part of my vocabulary or a feeling I've felt in weeks.

Thank you.

Wonderful! That is lovely to hear, You hang onto all the little positives that come your way and use them to strengthen yourself. Pam

I came here at a low moment, not surprisingly. Then I got back to (what passes for) normal. I'm trying hard to spend time here but I agree that a lot of the people who move on do so for good reasons.

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Yes, we need to put ourselves first, our health anyway. The majority of people on site usually put others first. It's hard to break behavior habits. Pam

yeah we come we go some people vanish and you wonder about them.some get better and stay some will leave whatever im going through im a remainer.

Good to know. Me too.

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