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New on here. Struggling

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Hi everyone. This is my first day on here. I am really struggling at the moment so I decided to come on here to hopefully get some help and to help other people along the way. Everyone who knows me says I am very friendly and bubbly but I am struggling behind closed doors. I feel like it wouldn't be a huge impact on people's lives if i wasn't here even though my family would be hurt by that. I dont want to burden my family and I have been drinking too much wine at the weekends not remembering most of the night. I really hope i can help someone through their difficult time and want you to know you are not alone and you are very brave for reaching out and trying to get help. Big hugs and loads of love ❤ x

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I just joined as well , yesterday for me. Same thought process as well just not able to drink much anymore due to meds I'm on lol . People tell me I'm a very nice and out going person but that's only once you get to know me. Hoping to meet some friends on here and you seem like maybe I could get along with :)

Welcome! Thank you for your lovely comments. Oh no thats not good, its nice to be able to have the option for a drink ha. Well thanks very much that's really nice of you and I think we would get along too! Hope you are ok today 😊

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here :) we all struggle, but it’ll be okay!

In my experience, struggling behind closed doors isn’t very pleasant... but once you open the door to someone who loves/cares about you, it makes such a difference. The amount of encouragement and support that can flow through an open door is incredible! But closing the door shuts that out.

You say you wouldn't be a huge impact on people's lives if you weren’t here, but you’re wrong. You say people describe you as very friendly and bubbly, if you weren’t here, think of all the people who would miss out on you. You said you wanna help people along the way, think of all the lives you could influence for good! You are special, you are important, you are loved, you can make a difference.

I hope something helps, I wish you best! :)

Thank you and hi! Aw thank you so much for your lovely kind words, it really does mean alot. Im so glad there are people like you who are out there trying to help and cheer people up. I already feel better after reading your comment so thank you very much! I wish you all the best too and hope you are ok! 😊

You’re welcome very much! I’m so glad I could help you feel better :)

You made me smile (: thank you for that!

Aww thats good, I'm so glad! 😊

Aw me too :)

Hello and welcome 😊

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Hello and thank you! :)

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Your welcome

Hi! I understand you. I feel awful and I always try to look happy and like everything is fine when I talk to my friends. My parents complain about me laying in my bed all the time. It's because I have no motivation and I feel like whatever I do it's not worth it and I always overthink. Especially the last few years I have no hope and I live day by day and the reason as you mentioned is also because I know my parents and close people will hurt. Thank you for sharing your story and being kind to others. :)

Hello! Aw thank you for your message. Its so hard isn't it, not wanting to hurt our family or making them worry. I hope you are ok and you feel better soon and hope I can help you and others to get through this even if its just by listening 😊

Hi and welcome. I'd love to know more about you and whatever the issue seems to be. Feel free to check my profile and send me a message in case you'd like to discuss the matter. I'd love to help you too.

Hey and thank you! Aw thanks very much. I'd love to and likewise, you are more than welcome to message me. Even if its to vent or you want someone to be there. Hope you are ok and thanks for reaching out 😊

hi welcome aboard my take on it is if friends and family don`t know of our struggles they can`t help your never a burden so please talk it really will help.

Hey and thank you! Thats so nice thank you. Yeah its difficult isn't it and thank you, I'm here to chat too if will help you that will make me feel even better that I've at least helped someone! 😊

sometime the words are difficult to get out as we mumble and fumble would you write a letter explaining how you feel that could be an option and a better way of expressing yourself.

Welcome to the group!

Aww thank you so much! Hope you are ok 😊

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