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What should I for one therapy?


I've been going for a month and I know it's still early but I'm not feeling any better. I love being there but when I leave I go back to feeling the same.

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Oh hey, Llama! I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling any better. Just so that I understand...you are asking about what to talk about for one of your therapy sessions, right?

Yea and what should I look to expect? Like things that could make me feel better.

What you talk about in therapy is up to you. Therapy is very individual. There is no formula that you need to keep to. Does this help some?

It's been suggested before, but could you make a list of things that you want to bring up? I admit that I don't do this, but I should start. I'm always forgetting something...

I did it last time when it was suggested, I started a journal so I can write down how my days went. I'm kind of asking about how could I feel better when I'm not there, its kind of a hard a question.

Oh, I see. Do you have hobbies?

I play video games but I don't enjoy them as much as I use to.

That's a start. Maybe you could make a list of what you like to do. You could also make a schedule for each day. Having a structure helps me. Having things to do makes me feel good about myself.

I honestly don't do anything. I just sit alone in my room most of the day.

I bet you anything that that is why you don't feel good. Sitting quietly alone is a bad recipe for anyone.

We cannot tell you what will make you feel better. It is very individual and is something that needs to come from inside you. What makes one feel better might not make someone else feel better.

I just read Mary's reply to you. You are out of work, is this correct?

I understand more now and yes I'm out of work. Work was really stressful for me.

Being out of a job must be stressful for you too? I'm sorry it was stressful for you. Can I ask what you did? I don't work either, but when I lived in the States (from there, but don't live there now) I worked with special needs children. That was very stressful as well.

I was in a factory and it was difficult being around so many people.

Yeah, I bet. I wouldn't enjoy that. I'm sorry you lost your job because of the situation. Unfortunately, a lot of people are experiencing that. I hope things get back to normal sooner rather than later. It's hard not knowing when things will return to normal. Hang in there :)

I need to go now, so talk later.

We have to take responsibility for our lives - does that make any sense?

Am I guessing correctly that you are not going out to work at the moment?

Is that because you have been laid off your job due to the Covid situation or because you don't have a job?

Yes it does sort of but I dont know how.

I dont have a job not because of covid it was just rough.

Hi Llama,

It is tough to go through this journey. Just proceed with your therapy along with that you should make changes to your routine like do exercise, go for a walk, read books, a healthy diet, spend time with your loved ones. Try to keep yourself busy always instead of sitting alone. Sitting alone will make you feel unhappy and depressed.

I hope you feel better soon.

I could try going for walk, I just get really nervous. I used you walk around the neighborhood when I was growing up but I just stopped.

Yes, I think you should try it again. I hope it makes you happy and calm.

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