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Depression is the worst.

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I can feel it clawing it’s way back in as the days grow colder and the nights come earlier.

I could really use some words to relate to friends🙏

Depression is such a mystery I fucking hate it

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Sorry, I would like to help you but right now I feel very depressed and sad. I've been crying a lot and I can't do anything. I am not good company for anyone, not even my patient husband. I fear that one day he will get bored and I don't know what I would do without him.

I hope you find someone here who can help you.

Good luck.

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Hey hiya I have found a lot of good people on here lately I’m just trying to stay connected and positive. I’m sorry you so down as well. There was a time when I was hopeless but depression has evolved for me into a lifelong fight of wits and character. We can beat depression but it takes a lot of punches over the years

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Thank you for reaching out.....I wish you the best luv

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Thank you! Good luck to you.

Yah bro you are the best!!!! You always find a way to uplift people so thankful to have crossed paths with you in this journey.

Appreciate it like no other dude ❤️❤️💪💪I hope you focused as can be

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Ok definitely with you, depression sucks. I am still having a hard time accepting that I’ve been diagnosed, hospitalized and treated for it. It’s beyond my understanding. I go day by day and review many of these posts to get support. Some good days some not so good days. Please take care

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You as well reach out if you ever need 🙏

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you’re not alone! Depression sucks but happiness does exist and it’s the best feeling when you find it. You can do this and get through this! We’re in this together..

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Thank you friend🙏

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Of course. I feel like depression makes you appreciate the happiness you feel at times so much more. Once you find it it’ll feel amazing. You’re gonna be ok 👍🏼

Hey, I'm with you on this! I don't like this time of year because I know what's coming. I try and combat it with a vitamin d supplement and a therapy lamp. It's still hard, though. Do you have a hobby? Having a hobby during these months is so important I think.

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Heya 👋👋 yes I’m def on the go all winter hobbies are very important yes. Every year around this time my armor gets thicker and I dread the coming months

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👋👋 to you too! What's up these days (other than the sky, I mean)?

I am decorating the house with fall things. I have a centerpiece, a wreath and I'm headed out soon to order some prints to decorate the walls with. We won't be visiting family for the holidays this year, so we've gotta do something to keep our spirits up.

I go to the gym too. That might close again, though, in light of the second outbreak (I'm actually a bit surprised that it hasn't yet). They always live stream classes, though (something they did during the first outbreak,) so I'll always have the gym.

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One day at a time here. Running my boys all over for soccer. Keeps us busy

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My nephews are into soccer as well. It keeps their parents on their toes. I'm glad that you're staying busy!

Hell yeah love you too bro have a great day today🤙🤙🤙🤙🙏❤️

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It certainly is. It's SAD added on top of my regular depression stick covid and loneliness in there and we have Major Depression soup. I'm here for you anytime. Even though we are depressed it helps to know you're not alone not that we wish this on anyone else.


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Thank you hun much love 🙏

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No thanks needed. We are all here for each other.

Hugs 🤗


Hey ur dogs help u at all with ur depression?


Do they sense something's wrong with u??

My big guy sorta knows n does help me ALOT.

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Hiya 👋👋 yes my dogs help me tremendously. My wife and I are both serious dog lovers. A lot of people jokingly call me a “dog whisperer” because I seem to always turn them into mush. I’m partial to pitbulls because they are so hated and feared by many. All 4 of my dogs are rescued pits. They are a great distraction at times yes!

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Very glad to hear they help you.😁

My dog helps me alot .

Hi. Thanks for sharing! I feel you.

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