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Anxiety free for the first time!!!!


Hi I just wanted to share my story and hopefully give hope? I have suffered GAD,OCD,Depression for many years after the death of 2 of my kids. I have been in the darkest places and was always needing reassurance from my GP & CPN. I even went to uni to study mental health to try understand this sole destroying illness. I had been on paroxetine for a number of years and thought my life would always be an anxious mess, however just over 2 weeks ago my gp took me off the paroxetine as they weren’t working any more. I was prescribed Mirtazapine and from the first night taking it I am a totally new person!! I am sleeping at night & no longer need Zopiclone, I am eating which I never did as I was always feeling sick with nerves that “impending doom” feeling was with me constantly, I honestly never thought this was possible!! Please please don’t ever give up thinking you can’t have a “normal” life. My family,cpn,gp are all amazed at this new me and although it’s very early days we all know how even 1 day without anxiety,negative thoughts etc can be!! I hope this helps & please feel free to ask me anything if I can help I will, “This too shall pass” x

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Shedding tears of joy for you Lizziedee...

I'm sorry about your losses but I'm filled with happiness and hope

for you. I too beat anxiety and it is one of the most amazing feelings

after struggling for so many years.

Wishing you well. Thank you for sharing such a positive post. :) xx

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