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Emotional Support Pets Are The Best

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Hi Everyone! I'm new here and just wanted to say Hi. I am looking for support and looking to support others. Things have gotten better for me since getting my dog, but it's still a struggle. I love my doggie so much! Do any of you have an emotional support animal?

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Yes! My two dogs are sometimes the only reason I get out of bed everyday. Sometimes they are the main reason I keep going during some very rough times. They rely on me and love me unconditionally in return. My life would be empty without them.

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So true! This warms my heart.

Hey welcome to the group! We are here to give support and I’m happy you’re here to give support to others as well! So happy things have gotten better for you!!

I have a mini golden doodle! She’s 1 years old and so sweet. always knows when anyone’s upset and it’s so kind and loving. What breed of dog do you have?

I used to have a horse they kept me busy and helped me a lot with my anxiety at times or just even the depressed days he would always put a smile on my face. Sadly he passed away a year ago. Still think about him everyday ❤️

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Hi there. Thank you for the very warm welcome and lovely reply! I feel like I've made the right decision already by joining the group here online. I was previously part oven in person support group; however, obviously the pandemic changed all that. It is nice to happen upon a virtual place like this where we can all support one another.

I have a beautiful toy Maltese and she is the cutest dog ever! - okay one of the cutest ;) -

I'm so sorry to hear about your horse. They are beautiful majestic creatures, and so smart. I used to ride my uncle's horses during the summer when I was growing up.

I hope your precious little golden doodle brings you years joy and support.

Hope today is a good day for you.

Hi and welcome, I had my fur baby 2 years ago my first dog and wow she is my absolute world i love her sooooo much x

Thank you so much for the welcome. I love that you love your dog so much. What breed is she?

She is a chorkie half chihuahua half yorkie🐾💕

What a fabulous mix! I adore small dogs. I'm not sure how to input these cute emojis, like you...but I'm sending paw prints and ❤ ❤ back to you and your chorkie.

Bless u thats lovely thanku😊

Hi Newbie..welcome.

My dog=my life,my sanity.Ronny11 said everything i was gonna say,lol

Sometimes a pet is easier to be around than most humans.Sometimes i like my dog better than most humans,lol

Either way..my dog is my best buddy..plus he wont tell my secrets..lol because i am the holder of his daily treats😁

Hi Hippolove1,

Thank you for the welcome to this group. It is so nice to wake up to so many replies this morning from the post and I made last night. I am already so grateful.

Yes, what Ronnie11 said really resonated with me as well.

I love your comment about liking your dog more than human sometimes; I totally concur. Thank you for giving me a chuckle this morning about why your dog is your best buddy...I needed that! :-D

I would like to think that all my dogs are emotional support animals!

My youngest is the first one to greet me every single day with butt wagging smiles

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Hi Pittiedad9,

What luck! How many dogs do you have?

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4 pitties.

One from puppy mill bust

One from spca

One from death of previous owners in car crash.

One from wandering streets thought to be bait dog that got away.

They are spoiled rotten now.

Love love love my doggies

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WOW! I can tell you are a rescuer...good for you. Your dogs are lucky to have you - and you them, of course. Keep spoiling them; they surely deserve it. I spoil my little one so much...people keep telling me I act like she's human. Isn't she though? 😉😃:-D Dog🐕Lover1

I want so desperately to get a dog but its a struggle taking care of myself, especially when I am having a hard time like rite now. 😔😔😔

Hi Bluetj,

Thank you for sharing.

I was actually in a similar spot when I finally threw caution to the wind and decided to get my little fur ball 🐕of love.

To be frank, it was quite scary because, like you said, if one is struggling to take care of oneself how do you care for another innocent living creature?

What I can say, however, is that when I finally mustered the strength to give it a go, each day got better and better. Now I can't imagine my life without her. She gets gets me out of bed when I don't want to get out because I know that I have someone there who - besides loving me unconditionally - depends on me.

I'm definitely not saying you should run out and get a dog right now if you're not feeling up to it; but if it's a dream that you have in your heart, at some point you might want to make an effort to act on it. You'll be surprised at your resiliency and moreover you'll be glad you did.

Wishing you better times...and a future as a proud, happy dog owner. 😊


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