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I'm not doing too well this evening. I'm having major anxiety attacks. Some evenings I get like this. I tend to have internal freak outs, when that happens, the thoughts of stopping it all invade my mind. Idk what to do about it anymore. Who knows, anymore. I need help.

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Do you have a doc or a Therapist you can speak with and let them know how much worse it seems to be getting? Is there ANYTHING that helps calm you down? I say this all the time but when we are depressed or having anxiety, the worst place we can be is in our heads. But inevitably, that is where we go due to fear. You wrote this post 4 hours ago. How are you doing now?

Okay first thing is to sit comfortable. Start taking deep breaths. Take 10 deep and if you need more continue to do so until you're ready to move to the next step. Take yourself to the ocean...or another place that relaxes you.

There are emergency meditation techniques on YouTube. I'll give you her name.

I use them in the morning because I have panic attacks in the morning like 4 am. She has several. Use them tonight.

What does help when you're having panic attacks?

I'll post an emergency meditation on my profile page. When I feel really anxious pretty much daily however my panic attacks have decreased with a great Therapist, I do some things I like for example watching TV, coloring, reading magazines like People or whatever takes my mind off of my anxiety. Walking helps too. Taking a ride listening to music 🎶 and singing along, a good cry.

I'm here and we all are for you. Keep repeating the steps and I'm going to post the emergency meditation which is about 11 minutes long. The author has others which are longer for Mon emergency use.


we are here..

I can try. I'm not feeling too great mentally, but too afraid to vent on here. I know I can privately msg you.

Okay. Message me anytime. I'm usually up all night

Hey there every thing will be alright. I'm here for you. When I start feeling like that getting out in nature and or doing some deep breathing helps me.

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I wish it was.

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If you wanna talk through what you're gonna through I'm here just message me. I want you to know I'm here but I don't wanna bother you.

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I know. You're not bothering me. I usually have anxiety messaging. I feel like I'm bothering people. Sounds stupid, but that's my low self esteem talking.

Have you every tried journaling ? Its like a workbench for me where I write down all my thoughts and feelings most every day. My tools are also there to help me gain perspective. Its a way of grounding myself and making sense out of the chaos.

Scarlet--- I am so sorry you are feeling anxiety. I hate the way it makes you feel. Did something happened? What do you feel anxiety about? Do you see a counselor? I am glad you are talking about your feelings. It is important to do so. You can also call 855-382-5433 at any time to talk to someone confidently. I am praying for you.

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