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I feel so alone and trapped in my head


I spend most days alone. I dont have many friends. Only two i hang out with in person, but that's rare since those two friends are dating and go on dates all the time. Maybe im jealous idk, i just feel alone. My head is constantly racing with dark or racey thoughts. I feel trapped.

It all feels hopeless

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I know how you feel. I have self isolated during coronavirus and even for months before due to major depression. I’m so used to being alone then I become afraid to go out. I am also jealous that the rest of the world is living in the time is passing by

In Those Times Of Uncertainty Dont Think Of It Too Much , Live Day By Day.. Try To , Dont Think Of Yourself As A Bad Person And Dont Hate Yourself , Mental Health Problems Are Really Hard , Even The Hardest Thing You Think Of It Will Pass , Dont Try To Explain Your Feelings Right Now Like am I Jelouse Or Am I A Bad Person , Focus On Yourself Dont Think Of This Just live day By Day By Focusing On That Day Only ,, Ive Been There And Im In there Too So Just This Is My Advice ..ly

Hey you're not alone, I know how you feel. Try to distract yourself with something you enjoy. Or, even better, you can try to counter those dark thoughts. It's hard and takes practice but it's worth it.

I'm sorry to hear you're struggling. I imagine it's especially hard to connect with others during this pandemic especially. Have you thought about joining groups, organizations, clubs, or religious gatherings that might help with making friends? Sometimes, these can lead people to build new bridges so that life can be a little less lonely. What kind of "dark" thoughts are you having? I imagine that can be haunting and even distracting at times. Don't lose hope; it isn't always easy, but we're here to support you.

I know how you feel. When I feel like this I usually try to distract myself and do something to preoccupy my mind. Is there anything that you like to do hobby wise?

Hi Lindsey,

I’m sorry you feel alone. Please know that we are here for you. You are not alone. Keep posting, we are all here for each other. I hope you will find comfort here as you continue to share your feelings.

Try to do things you will enjoy. Try to connect with your friends through text. You can also join a life group that you can meet online. You can inquire at your local church. It can help you to feel less lonely. I meet my friends and life group through video calls and zoom once a week and it’s a big help because it’s been 3 months that I don’t see them in person. I hope you will feel better soon.

Please keep us posted. God bless you.

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