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Neurological issues caused by anxiety?


Hi, has anyone ever had symptoms like pins and needles all over body, numbness, muscle weakness, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath that all have lasted for months, seem to be a little better some days, worse other days? Doctors can’t find anything physical, and have diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder. I am 100% for sure anxious/depressed for months. Has anyone ever experienced physical symptoms like these that are caused by anxiety? If so, is there anything that helps you? Currently I’m on busprine and hydroxyzine, doctor wants me to start cymbala (I’m scarred to take it), and i’m seeing a psychologist. Thanks for any input/thoughtes!

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Hi birdman73, Welcome to the Anxiety & Depression Support group.

We may not be doctors but we can give you a personal prospective from

our own experiences with anxiety. Anxiety can and does take on many

different forms of physical symptoms although none of them due to

physical issues. (as your doctor has stated)

Depending when most of these appeared for you, I can tell you that I've

also been on medications in the past which were the problem. Especially,

fatigue and muscle weakness. After all, the medications given are meant

to relax both your body and mind. I do know that Hydroxyzine is an antihistamine/

sedative. Shallow breathing/hyperventilating can cause problems with pins and needles,

tingly/numb feeling in extremities. Dehydration can also play into this as well.

Only your doctor will know what is best for you, so be sure to keep him informed as to

how you are feeling. We all are afraid at first to take medications, but if we don't try

we might never know what will work for us. Talking with a therapist can help in getting

down to the root of your anxiety as well.

I'm glad you are here with us. One step at a time. We care xx

birdman73 in reply to Agora1

Hi, thanks for the reply! it is good to hear from other people that have experienced similar things. Sometimes I’m worried the doctors are just trying to get rid of me like, “ yeah, sure, anxiety can cause that”

Agora1 in reply to birdman73

Funny birdman, because I have thought the same. It's like once you are labeled with

anxiety, it seems to be a given that you always carry this issue. As someone once told

me, the doctors work for you, so you can fire them at any time and contract with another lol I laugh because I went through so many specialists in my life, firing and

hiring and came back to the conclusion, "hey I do have anxiety" :) xx

Certainly over the last 6 weeks my anxiety levels have been sky high and yes I have suffered similar physical symptoms as well as high blood pressure. On Friday I was prescribed Buspirone and today was the first time I have felt calmer for a long time

Also today my blood pressure was at last within normal limits. So yes I agree that it probably could be the anxiety that is causing this and maybe medication, possibly short term, will help you. Trust your doctor x

birdman73 in reply to Missy_D

Hi, thanks for the reply. I have high blood pressure as well, so I hear you on that. Glad to hear you have the bp down now. I guess I should trust my doctors, but I’m struggling with that a bit right now.

I haven't had those symptoms from anxiety, but have had them from lack of B12 ,and folic acid, its difficult trying to judge people's symptoms, maybe ask to get your bloods checked again, unless you feel you are a person who generally worries in the first place,and the doctor's are trying you on the medication you are slightly concerned about,we have to trust our doctors, the same as the medication we are given, and I'm sure you'll be asked if you have any problems with the medication that you will be asked to take, and you will probably start only on a low dose,and all being well they might help with your condition, hopefully you'll get on just fine, and things will calm down soon.

birdman73 in reply to Cb1963

Hi, thanks for the response, yeah, maybe I’m building it up to be more in my mind than it is. And I do need some help.

Yes I've had all of these (and more) from anxiety!

birdman73 in reply to Seroma12

Hi, thanks for the response! It’s reassuring to hear that these symptoms can be caused by anxiety and it’s not just that the doctors are just blowing me off. Still haven’t decided if I’m gonna take the cymbalta or not, but I am considering it.

Hi birdman, they sound very similar to Fibromyalgia symptoms. There's a very helpful forum here about it, worth at least checking that out

Hi, thanks for the response! I will check that out. I have suspected just about every possible disease known to man over the last 60 days. I think it may be part of my problem that I obsess over what it is.

How have you been feeling recently? I have developed similar symptoms with the pins and needles. I’ve got myself into such a state worrying it’s a brain tumour that I can barely eat. I was convinced I had B12 deficiency but my levels were in the 500s. All my bloods were normal except slightly elevated TSH. I’m hoping it is anxiety causing the symptoms. I’ve had a very stressful couple months with covid home schooling two kids, working in the hospital. I really hope you are feeling better now.

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