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Increasing anxiety



I joined this group because I’ve been having a hard time articulating to those around me how my anxiety has gotten worse of recent. I was an anxious child who grew into an overly anxious adult. While it’s always been hard to sleep and hard to stop runaway worried thoughts, it’s recently become more physical. For the past two months I’ve started having anxiety attacks. Now I’m anxious about the anxiety attacks and for the past three days I’ve felt constantly on the edge of another one. It feels like my heart is going to burst at any second or I’ll have a stroke. (As silly as that all sounds.) I’m not great at verbally discussing it with others, so I thought I’d try to “unload” here. Does anyone else get a “doomed” feeling?

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VT2CA, we have all experienced the same doomed feeling with Anxiety. You will find

that this is your safe place to come to where you will be understood. Others who have

never experienced anxiety can't possibly understand what we are talking about.

We look healthy and so to them it isn't believed to be a real condition.

I Welcome you to this support group. I'm glad you found us. You are safe xx

I assure you that you are not alone. I suffer from panic attacks as well and sometimes feel like my heart is going to beat right out of my chest. I usually pray or find a quiet place if I'm out and about to try and re-center myself.

I know not everyone is religious so maybe you might like to find your own healthy way of coping?

YouTube is my best tool I use for everything. Maybe you could find some helpful tidbits on there.

Thank you. Have you had any luck in pin pointing what triggers your attacks? Sometimes I know the cause, other times I’m just quietly working and I feel that telltale thud in my heart starting up.

My attacks are triggered more often to financial stress or what I think maybe stress from childhood trauma/abuse I'm still dealing with. Being around my abusive parents are definitely triggering me and re-opening some of those wounds.

Thank you for sharing that.

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VT2CA, We cannot always pinpoint our triggers. Rushes of Adrenaline can happen

even when sitting quietly. That is because the flow of adrenaline is always present

in our anxious state. It never really goes away and so it sits there ready to go off

at a moment's notice with physical symptoms. Once we feel that familiar symptom

in your case, your heart starting up, we get apprehensive which in turn allows the

adrenaline to rush through our body.

Our subconscious mind has a lot to do with these rushes w/o anything in particular

causing it. Our mind stores all the events of the day good and bad. It's job is to protect us from harm. The difference is that the subconscious does not know real

from unreal, harmful or safe. It only recognizes the thoughts that have been stored

in our mind.

We could be reading, watching tv etc and a word we see, a noise, a sound, a smell etc

can bring back a negative trigger and BAM we slide into an anxiety attack.

As you start interacting with the forum, you will see how it is possible to avoid these

bursts of adrenaline and the symptoms they cause. You've taken the first step in

going forward when you found us. It's going to be okay. xx

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This was so insightful to read and gives me a lot to think about. Thank you so much.

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VT2CA, knowing what is happening, is half the answer. x

I have also experienced anxiety to the point of being anxious about being anxious!. It's a vicious cycle that can keep you in constant fear if you let it. I have tried many things to help manage my anxiety and for me it comes down to my thoughts. If I can keep scary thoughts from taking over, I can avoid having a panic attack. Journaling has been a big help to me. I write down exactly what I'm thinking. When I read it on paper, I am better able to sort through the negativity and figure out what the truth is. Maybe this could help you. I'm praying that you will find relief from your anxiety.

Hi, you don't sound silly at all, in fact it is amazing how the symptoms all follow a similar pattern and have similar accompanying thoughts.

I would recommend the book Hope and Help for your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes it is very cheap but thought by many as the gold standard in advice for anxiety.

The language is a bit dated because she wrote it initially in the 60s but this woman really knew her stuff. I guarantee it will ease some of the bewilderment that accompanies this confusing but common ailment.

Best wishes.

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Thank you so much for the suggestion! I’ll definitely be checking it out!

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