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Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

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I have been suffering with anxiety for years. I have been diagnosed with debilitating severe GAD . Over the years I never noticed physical symptoms of any kind unless I was at 100% panic attack level. however i wasn't really educated or aware of what GAD manifests as physically. I have never really thought about like all the doctors I went to over the years trying to find out what was causing my extreme fatigue. My GAD seems to cycle and be worse at times. Here lately I've really noticed some physical symptoms that sort of come out of nowhere even when I haven't noticed anxiety. Some I recognize as anxiety symptoms and others I'm not sure about. Nighttime has really become a nightmare lately. It seems every night at dark I start with chest pain, which always scares me, nausea, random pains, dizziness, weird feeling, tingling among others. What are some physical symptoms of anxiety and how would I ever know if it warranted a trip to the ER? I really feel like its anxiety but sometimes its so scary i feel like im going have a heart attack or stroke. So I wanted to get more info and hear others experiences.

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Hi ginger, this is GAD in it’s full glory, I was having weird tingles on different parts of my scalp which freaked me out (anxiety) feeling as if my throat was closing up (anxiety) impending doom feeling (anxiety) and so many more. It’s scary but I tell myself oh it’s you again what will it be today? Full menu of symptoms or just 1 course lol. I know it’s so scary, it will calm down but take comfort in knowing you are not alone x

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ginger38 in reply to Lizziedee

💜 Thank you, it helps to know I'm not alone and not actually dying

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Adlon57 in reply to ginger38

I have been having nightmares for decades, usually claustrophobic or vertigo related. I have spoken to my GP about it, but quite frankly the facilities for this in my particular health area, are really primitive, "Get a shrink or else!" these "shrinks" can be extremely expensive, and my general health has always been bad, I am living on a basic allowance £252 a fortnight, so definitely out of the question! I live be myself, aged 65, stuttering into prospective full retirement. I absolutely HATE the area I live in, always have, voted most boring place in the province 'officially', but due to my bad health have had to survive on their basic health 'care', this does not help my mental health at all [my GP agrees with me on this point, "you should move out of here!"] I was trapped in a sand dune when I was small, obviously the reason for my claustrophobia. Maybe I am too late? My nightmares can be extremely vivid, I wonder do I scream during them, maybe I should consult my neighbours on this point! I have so many things wrong with me, probably one of the reasons I am usually ignored "Here he goes again!"🥴 ps. had very bad health, in and out of hospital since February, cause eventually, guess who had his AZ vaccine in February😗🙄

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ginger38 in reply to Adlon57

Sorry to hear. Living this way is definitely a struggle. Its like I'm scared to live and scared to die.

Hi ginger! I've had panic attacks for 5 years now. Some of which have sent me to the ER they were so bad. After I started having them I did a lot of research and thought I had found everything I needed to know. I was wrong - I had such bad symptoms one day that I thought I was having a stroke. I even felt an electric shock in my right hand for no apparent reason. It made such a loud crack sound that the nurse turned around and asked "What was that??" My legs were having tremors so badly that I could barely walk. There were other physical symptoms too, 7 in all. After I left the ER I went home and did more research. I found that there are over 100 symptoms of panic/anxiety attacks. This is a link to a site that lists them all, categorized by which part of the body is being affected. If you scroll down the page about halfway you'll see "Anxiety Symptoms List Categories" -

This link is another page on that site that you might find helpful as well -

I also found some videos on youtube done by a man who had panic attacks. His name is David Daish. His videos helped me through many attacks, I've managed to fall asleep listening to him, he has a soothing way of speaking (IMO). From the comments under his videos it looks like he's helped many, many people.

I hope some of this has been helpful to you. As Lizziedee says you aren't alone. I've had many different physical symptoms of panic attacks and most are frightening to say the least. They can mimic almost anything. At my age (73) the ones that mimic a heart attack or stroke are the most frightening. But take heart, you can always come here and talk to people who know exactly what you're going through.


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ginger38 in reply to blueslite

💜 Thank you so much for your encouragement!! All this information is extremely helpful! I will be checking it all out. and its just good to know I'm not alone and people understand what I am dealing with 😊

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blueslite in reply to ginger38

YW! I'm so glad you can use the information. One thing I noticed and I'm sure others have too, is that when someone asks how you are and you reply with anything about panic attacks they don't know what to say and they seldom ask you again how you are. It's because unless you've had a panic attack you can't possibly understand what it's like. The physical symptoms aren't so hard to understand but it's the fear part of it and the weird thoughts you have that no one gets. I'm talking about online chats and blogs. I assume the reason for their reaction is because they have no idea how to respond. They may be sympathetic but just don't know what to say. On a support site for panic attacks everyone knows exactly how you feel. It's a much more comfortable atmosphere. Good luck and please come back and let us know how you're doing. You are definitely understood and cared about here at HU.


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CatsamazeADAA Volunteer

I hear you, Ginger! For me it is heart symptoms and more than anything: deep debilitating fatigue......

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blueslite in reply to Catsamaze

I always get extreme fatigue once the attack is gone. I've found that many people feel this. Usually I have to go to bed for a nice long nap.

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ginger38 in reply to Catsamaze

Yeah and the heart symptoms are scary for sure!! Is your fatigue like on a daily basis? I mean mine is exacerbated if I have an actual panic attack, but I spent years at specialists trying to figure out why I felt so bad all the time and I'm thinking all these years its been the anxiety

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CatsamazeADAA Volunteer in reply to ginger38

I am low-level tired most of the time...these fatigue attacks are 100 times worse. They can happen at any time, and that makes it worse...the not knowing. I’ve also spent a lot of time at doctor’s offices to no avail. I think too much and I sleep too little.....

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ginger38 in reply to Catsamaze

Me too for sure, I never get enough sleep or quality sleep at that

Living with anxiety is definitely a challenge

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