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Rough Patch...*Trigger Warning*


I have been going through a pretty bad depressive episode for about a week now and it's getting progressively worse. I am finding it extremely hard to get out of bed or do anything and I barely even eat. I normally spend hours at my piano singing and writing songs a day but this past week, I'm lucky if I even play it for one. I am also finding it very hard to talk to my friends because they know how bad my depression can get and I don't want to worry them. I have no motivation to do anything. Being only 16, my parents have started to notice and are concerned as they also know how bad it can get. They are forcing me to eat and come out of my room at times. The eating thing is horrible because right now, just the look of food is repulsive. I'm hoping it will just pass or something before it gets any worse because I hate feeling this way...

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I think when you feel depressed one of the first things that happens is not wanting to eat. It's horrible I know as good food can often bring joy. Have you spoken to your parents before about how you feel? I'm sure they love you and might even be able to help or get you the help you need. Lots of people experience really challenging feelings, especially at your age, I know I did. I truly think it's best that you talk to someone, or write it down for them to read if they feels better for you, hang in there ♥️

I don't know if I could go to my parents. They'd probably freak out and get really paranoid. I'll think about it though. Thank you!

You have the gift of music. I wish I knew how to play the piano. I love music, but I lack any talent musically. Sometimes, a change in diet can change your mood. Also, your blood type can also contribute to the type of diet to change things. And sometimes depression is genetic, if one of your parents have depression, there is a higher chance of you suffering from it as well. Channel your energy into music.

If you cannot get out a bed, write a song while in bed. On the days you are sad, talk to someone, anyone and tell them how you are feeling. You have so much to be thankful for and tell yourself, you got this. Tell yourself how talented you are and you will use your music to express yourself in ways other cannot.

Life is hard, but it is how we react and handle our problems that can make the difference between getting out of bed or making it.



Thank you so much for this reply. It was really positive and actually meant a lot to me. My struggle with mental health is most likely genetic as you suggested. My biological dad has Borderline Personality Disorder and they suspect me Of having it, too. My mom has major anxiety and depression but is really an inspiration to me with how she is still able to take care of me. It might sound cheesy but the positivity in your reply really cheered me up when I read it just now so thank you very much for that. I will definitely use my music the way you suggested. I appreciate you!! ❤

We are all here for the same purpose. It give and receive comfort. By sharing our stories we heal and help each other on our darkest days. I just joined this forum and already feel like I am making a difference which in turn helping my own anxiety that I am unable to turn off. I am a parent, when my son was dealing with some personal issues at school, he did not share it with me, I was heartbroken to find out months later he suffered in silence. As parents, it is our nature to freak-out that's what we do. It is not because we want to, it is because we love our children and want to protect them from harm. Just by telling me your parents would freak out, that in itself speaks volumes. That tells me that they care enough to want the best for you. If you are unable to share it in words, write it in a letter or write a song for them. Write it in a poem. I wish my son would share with me what is bothering him. I am giving him his space, but it is killing me inside. So many young people are fearful of their parents reactions. My son knows me pretty well, so when he starts out a conversation. "Mom don't react" I know it is big news. I try to hold my breath while he is tells me some crazy story about an event at school.

This is for all young people living with their parent/parents or their caregiver adult who pays for your food and shelter, if you are fearful of how they will or will not react, this is exactly why you need to share with them. Parents love their children unconditionally, even you commit a crime, we may not agree with your choices, but we still love you. Start the conversation in a quiet space without any distractions, try this... " I know you are going to freak out, but can I share something with you for you to just listen and not react? Who is going to say no to that? Now they have to listen and cannot freak out, right?

I'm assuming you live where you are in lockdown? You may need teletheraphy by Zoom while this lockdown.

Let me know how things turn out.


I've had similar experiences just stand strong and try your best to stay positive. You'll get through this❤

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