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Feeling hurt and depressed over my breakup


I can barely eat, sleep, and I can’t seem to stop crying. I tried to get my shift covered but no one wanted to and I explained to my boss how I felt and she literally laughed and made fun of me to everyone and threatened to fire me if I didn’t show up so I was literally working in tears and she said to me “omg you look terrible you can go home if you want.” I politely smiled and said no I’m fine because she was JUST trying to fire me and making fun of me YET wanna give me fake sympathy so I forced my way through it. I’m crying now at home I tried to sleep but couldn’t. My apartment look terrible but I just don’t care anymore

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Oh wow my hearts going out to you!!!💕😔((((((hugs-to you)))))!!! That’s too horrible you’re going through this!!!

Good for you for getting through your shift you deserve an applause & cheering for that!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🌻🌼🌸🦋good you’re posting here reaching out!!!

Terrible that some people can be soo hardened not to feel compassion and care when someone is clearly goin through soo much!! Well you’re definitely not alone and there are ppl out here that will care and be kind!! Things will get better I’m going to pray for you some peace& to get rest and have a better day tomorrow!!🌼🌻in the meantime make sure you care for yourself-eat something some foods can help you even feel calmer - are there any foods that comfort you when youre down & yet also won’t be soo bad for you so you can rest & heal??

Thank you, I just showing my appreciation to all that leave comments by liking them because honestly and truly I just have no words right now. I just feel very sad but I happy you showed me kindness so thank you so very much

Of coarse that’s what I’m here for!! I want to be here as much as I can and try to help if at all possible others in pain!!! There are some really awesome ppl on here that care and have been so kind to me also! Also I totally understand not having words but just feeling so drained emotionally! It’s ok don be hard on yourself now just give yourself love& care you so deserve & need!

I’m going through it too, I followed her to a hotel last night. She says she was meeting with her cousin who I’ve never heard of

Bray1567 in reply to TheBooG

I’m so sorry that happened to you too😞

**** your boss fine piece of ****

You will make it . I know it seems impossible now , but I'm going through the same thing. The most important thing to do is to take care of yourself. All of a sudden this will lift , your appetite will come back and you will feel better. God bless and good luck.

We all go through these mixed feelings when a relationship breaks down, given time you should be able to move on.

Although now I am getting on I remember several relationships breaking down in my Teens and twenties many years ago. I used to have the same feelings and concerns and given that sad to say my employer would not have been understanding if I asked to go home to get over the loss. They pay your wages, their interest is getting your job done.

You will move on find someone new who is in more keeping with your interests in Life. Can you imagine if you had married and the relationship then broke down. How would you feel then. It may have been all for the best, put it all down to experience and move on.

Remember sometimes it may be an idea to give yourself time before looking for someone new. A DEAD CAT BOUNCE comes to mind


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