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Can't take anything anymore


When you feel like nobody will help you when you're clearly crying and begging for it. When you feel like you're all alone. When you feel like you're literally the worst person on earth. When you can't stop crying. When no one understands. Sometimes I literally want to scream because I just can't get it out. Even if someone listens I can never express the way I want to. I've tried therapists and medicines. I am at a very VERY low point. While I'm not suicidal or on hard drugs, I can totally see how someone would get to that point. I feel like everything is for nothing. I feel like I'll never be calm in my body and I feel like no one will ever want to be associated with me ina. Friendly or romantic way because I'm too emotional or too unstable. Or they just don't care to listen.

I'm sorry, I'm literally just sitting in a park crying and venting.

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Go ahead and vent! I know sometimes it makes me feel better. Try not to let your feelings make you think that you will never find someone to love you either in a romantic or just as a friend. I am married and I sometimes worry that my husband will just get tired of dealing with all my stuff so I understand how you can feel the way you do. I think that we have to remind ourselves constantly that we are worthy of love and affection.

As far as trying to explain how you feel to someone, I think it is impossible if you haven't felt that way yourself. I find it hard to believe myself how low I can feel at times. I keep trying to fix myself and just can't seem to find something that consistently works. Sometimes meditation and breathing helps, sometimes a nice glass of wine, exercising, etc., but sometimes nothing seems to help. I just wait for the day to pass and hope for a better one.

I wish peace for you and hope that things will seem better with time. Just remember that you are worthy of all the good things in life.

Vonnah in reply to claire0410

Excellent advice😘

Thank you so much for your reply 💕

I can completely relate to this. I know exactly how you feel cuz i feel it too. Years and years of me holding all this depression and anxiety stuff does something to's like i can't cry anymore unless i reach a boiling point. I bury my feelings just to try to not be such a stupid burden. It sucks. Nobody really understands unless they are there for you 24/7.

Wish you the best. Hope you have a better day tomorrow💜

Yes, venting and crying are good ways of coping,,, everyone has their own things to deal with, try not to think that you are the only one because it makes things seem that much harder,,,, try to think of people you know and respect and think back to a time when they went through something tough like a death in the family or just a socially awkward time, ,,,we are all human including you...this too shall pass...

While I get what you're saying regarding other people having issues, I'm the only one living in my body. I hate depriving myself of "feeling" because someone else has it worse. Yes they have it worse and it's good to put your problems into perspective but your problems are still your problems

Maybe this advice isn't for you,,, but there IS a way to control your emotions, there IS a way to find stability, and people DO listen to you or else NO ONE would have cared enough to respond...I know what you are going through i have those moments myself,,,,,,, hope you find a way , but that's up to you......

I've been feeling this way for awhile now.

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