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Lancaster, Pennsylvania Seeks Friends !


Mature male in Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, I have battled panic attacks since grade school. Looking for friends to chat about this. Im Gerald, THANKS !

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Hi Gerald, Welcome to a warm and safe forum. We're happy you are here

with us. :) xx

hello...your a real person?

Agora1 in reply to GeraldB1948

GeraldB, I am very much a real person :)

I've been on this site for over 4 years now. I've had the chance to see

how great the people are because everyone cares. We've all been through

the same thing which makes us better understand each other.

I've had severe anxiety for 30 years as well as 5 years of Agoraphobia during

that time. Through medication, therapy as well as finding and using daily

meditation and breathing, I've been able to leave anxiety behind. Not that it

doesn't raise it's ugly head but I accept it now and have more control over my


We are here to help each other through sharing our journeys. Looking forward

to knowing how we can help you, help yourself. :) xx

GeraldB1948 in reply to Agora1

Well, seems we are a lot alike. After decades of being on Ativan (lorazepam) I switched from the VA system to private health care. Took from June to Dec 2019 to wean off the Ativan. Started walking daily last Dec, up to about 1.5 miles daily, quit soda 2 months ago...still seeking a plan that would make like more bearable.

Agora1 in reply to GeraldB1948

Gerald you are going to be surprised in how many people you can relate

to. :)

I was put on a small dose of Xanax and left on it for 30 years, then switched

to large dosages of Ativan. 7 years ago I decided enough was enough and I

was weaned off benzos completely. That is when I switched over to Meditation

and Breathing.

Exercising and watching diet is a good start. Hydration also plays a big

part in feeling better. Oh Gerald, as each one of us shares our own little

secrets in how we go forward despite anxiety, you will not feel so alone.

We learn from each other. :) xx

GeraldB1948 in reply to Agora1

Goodness, yes tried Xanax too, of course. Currently on low dose of benzo. Klonopin....Cybalta for SSRI.

You are the first person I've ever chatted with about this. Im a recovering alcoholic since 11 May, 1984. Seems the med route you and I took are so much alike.

Agora1 in reply to GeraldB1948

I'm on Lexapro which seems to be doing a good job with anxiety

w/o any drowsiness. Whatever works for you, is the right thing.

With medications, we can't compare with others since we all react


GeraldB1948 in reply to Agora1

So true about meds, may work for one, not another.

Agora1 in reply to GeraldB1948

Well my new friend, I'm going to be signing off now. It's been a long day.

I'm here from morning til late evening, 7 days a week. Always watching,

always checking. Don't let the slow responses tonight disappoint you.

Friday evenings are usually a little slower.

Will see you tomorrow. Oh, by the way, I'm in Chicago. So I guess we

both know what cold weather is all about. :)

Goodnight Gerald Sleep well. :) xx

GeraldB1948 in reply to Agora1

Hi Agora:

That for agoraphobia? Thank you for being my first chat !! I was in Chicago when in Navy, back in the day. You are a lady? Going to about 12 here tonight....GN..thanks again.

Hey buddy welcome to the club! You'll find a lot of people you can relate to here.

GeraldB1948 in reply to Slushy47

Thank you Slushy

I began experiencing panic attacks after moving to the east coast. What have you learned from your experience that might be of help to me? I am taking duloxetine. It helped for a while but not so much now. The Dr. doubled my dose last fall but that doesn’t seemed to have helped.

GeraldB1948 in reply to 4woody

Hello 4woody:

I first suffered from a panic attack when I was in 5th grade. Seems I've tried every med out there. Is duloxetine Cymbalta? I'm on Cymbalta now - doesn't seem to help much. The VA system had me on Ativan (lorazepam) for decades. Went to LGH last spring, weaned off the Ativan, they put me on Klonopin. Can we chat directly. Text me (717) 693 2032....i'd like to chat with you. Thanks, Im Gerald

yes, duloxetine is Cymbalta. I will probably ask my Dr. about getting off 8t soon. I have a psychiatric service dog now and she is very helpful. Not sure about chatting though.

Hi Woody:

Nice to hear from you. When I saw Woody, thought you were a male, lol. I asked to chat because you are the first local person I've seen on this site. I just joined a week ago. Be nice to have someone to talk about things. Wasn't asking to "flirt" with you. Just thought we could chat directly. I do understand, perhaps you'd feel better with E. Mail. Im Gerald, trying to network...THANKS !!

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