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Hello from Pennsylvania

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I have a generalized anxiety disorder controlled with meds and therapy. This time of year is extremely difficult, haven’t been sleeping much and anxiety is returning. Thanksgiving is difficult for me. My three sons and husband go away and leave me every year over the holiday- I’m expected to stay home with the dogs and house and take care of everything here. Being alone kicks up my anxiety and I obsess about them being in a fatal car accident. It’s two weeks away and I’m already a mess. I guess I just wonder how others get through loneliness. Especially around the Holidays.

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Hi! I'm from Pa. also! Nice to meet you! I would try to stay busy, that's what I do. My hubby is a trucker & gone all week, every week, stinks being alone, I sure can relate. Do you like to do puzzles? I find when I do them I can't think of anything else, good way to occupy my mind. I wish for you peace of mind! Love, peace, light, joy & hugs!

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Thanks for your reply! Yeah PA :). I quilt and sew - my sewing room is directly across the hall from my boys rooms. Our house is always humming with activity. The silence is deafening even with TV on when they are all away at once. I’ll get through it, I always do. Last year I pushed myself to do things but cried all day long - it was awful. Thanks for your reply! Blessings!

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Oh I remember the buzzing around my house, now it's very peaceful. Took a while for me to adjust but it's all good now! Have a joy filled day! Love, peace, light & hugs!

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Buy some new fabric and start a new quilt! That always boosts my mood. My sewing room is in my daughter's room and across from my other daughters room so I basically have the whole upstairs to get lost in all my fabric. There's nothing more satisfying than a new bundle of fat quarters and nobody to disturb me while I start cutting and planning my next quilt.

Hi! You said your expected to stay home, do you want to go? If yes, speak up and get a dog sitter. Go and have fun with your family. If the answer is no, awesome! You just made yourself a girls weekend! Plan on day to get pedicures, of course black Friday us in there. Even if yo don't buy, go to the mall and people watch then meet a friend for lunch.

By the time you plan 1 thing each day, you'll be looking forward to your weekend every year. And still have Thanksgiving dinner before they all leave, it doesn't have to be on the day.

Last resort see about getting sleeping pills.

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