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Greetings all,

I read a lot of posts here where people feel hopeless and helpless. I feel for you. And I too feel that at times.

Recently I was amazed when I discovered that depression runs rampant with athletes (incidentally I’m not athletic at all). But I discovered that Michael Phelps (the USA Olympic swimmer with the most gold medals) has suffered terrible bouts of depression. Even suicidal thoughts. He has become quite an advocate for mental health and depression. I really like what he has to say and I can relate to so much of what he is sharing and he really cares.

You can watch him on YouTube by searching:

Michael Phelps on How He Learned to Overcome Suicidal Thoughts

Plus he’s made a lot more videos too. Hey it’s good to know there’s people out there advocating for our mental health.


MZ ❤️

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Thank you. I needed to know that I'm not alone. It's been a hard couple of days for me

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MrZee in reply to Hidden

You are not alone. I can greatly empathize.

We need more awareness here in the US and affordable help for mental illnesses, I didn't know he had any mental issues

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MrZee in reply to GreyeyesXander

I didn’t either. When I was researching the Internet for depression, remarkably he came up in the search. So I watched his videos and was amazed how much I could relate.

And yes, I agree that Mental Health does need more awareness.

I’ve been feeling strange to myself like extra mentally ill and disconnected ...feeling bad about it lately...but what you posted makes me think differently, thank you MrZee

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MrZee in reply to Starrlight

Dear Starlight,

Thank you for that. The more I can reach and lend an empathetic hand to others, the more it warms my heart.

-MZ ❤️

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Starrlight in reply to MrZee

No problem. You stand out to me as a very positive caring person. I appreciate you. So many do ❤️

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MrZee in reply to Starrlight

Hi Starrlight,

Thank you. I’ve had a lot of therapy over the past 30 years and continue to do so. And regardless of what anyone says about antidepressant meds, mine is working and stable.

I am always glad to lend a helping hand on here.


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Pearl67 in reply to MrZee

Thanks so much for the positive post!! Can I ask what med(s) are working? Have you tried several in 30 years?

Thank you!

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MrZee in reply to Pearl67


Very good and fair question you ask.

I’ve been on Welbutrin XL for years. It seems to be the one that works best for me with no side effects.

In the past 30 years I’ve been on so many that I only remember a few: Deseryl, Norpramine, Prozac, Cymbalta, Serzone, and a host of others I can’t remember the names. All of these gave me side effects or stopped working over time. Eventually came the Wellbutrin years back and I’ve been on that since. And for as long as that works and helps to keep me stable I’m grateful. ❤️

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Pearl67 in reply to MrZee

Thank you for your honest reply! I was on Paxil 10-15mgs for like 13 years. I stopped over a year ago now. I have surprised myself during high crises times! I am thinking I need something again, just to tame the anxiety and be able to Sleep!!’ I did a genetic test specifically for psych meds and Paxil is in the RED or DANGER zone😳

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MrZee in reply to Pearl67

Good you identified that about Paxil. For everyone, meds work well or they don’t. That’s why my doctor has always said, “Let’s try this one and see what happens.”

Though I’m not an MD, ask your doctor about Buspar... that’s a mild anti-anxiety drug and non habit forming that has helped me in the past.

As for sleep, I have terrible insomnia (mostly from anxiety). For years I’ve been on a sleeping med, Lunesta. It’s gentle and helps. Though in the morning I’m slightly groggy and thirsty. But with a glass of water and moving around I’m fine.

Like me you may have to try a smorgasbord of meds until the right one works for you. And I’m optimistic your doctor and you will find the right one and living will improve for you. ❤️

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Pearl67 in reply to MrZee

Thank you so much! So kind to take the time.

I used to take 1/3 of a 5mg ambien and it was a dream! But the reports of people doing bizarre things while asleep freaked me out! And when Mrs. Kennedy drove and cracked her car up the next morning after taking it, I stopped!

I don’t know what is worse white knuckling anxiety and insomnia or the long term effects of the drugs😭

You can never tell what someone is going through that is why we need more love and compassion in the world, I'm glad he's spreading awareness

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MrZee in reply to Callmedanielle

Me too, Callmedanielle. That Michael Phelps is there for us and others who battle anxiety and depression means a lot to me.

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Callmedanielle in reply to MrZee

Thank you for sharing that with us, we're not alone. I hope you have a great weekend 🌻

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MrZee in reply to Callmedanielle

Yes, we are not alone — we the gifted to share and support. 🌻

Hello MrZee. Thanks for your post. I think it's good to research other people who have overcome unthinkable adversity and learn how they were able to cope and survive. I use this strategy myself because i too suffer bouts of depression. I have currently become quite interested in the guy (i forgot his name) i believe his last name is woodfox, who spent 43 years in solitary confinement in a 6'×9' cell. I can't help but find this testimony of the human spirit anything short of amazing! I'm going to order the book because I'm very interested to discover just HOW this man overcame what seems impossible by most people. I'm hoping to learn something about how to deal with suffering and possibly depression. Anyways,. Thanks again MrZee.

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MrZee in reply to Tbine

My pleasure. It’s good to know you’re also researching how another Ha’s suffered and overcome. Please share more after you read the book. I too would be interested to know what you find out.


MZ ❤️

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Tbine in reply to MrZee

i will.

More famous people who have experienced depression

Thank you for sharing this. For all of us to read this will help us more to feel not alone. ❤️

I also look to the past to learn how others have dealt with depression. Many people have had successful lives in spite of. or because of,depression . Churchill always comes to mind , but there are many. I wonder if the level of intelligence plays a part. I would like to think so.

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MrZee in reply to sweetiepye

An old friend from years back who studied history once told me that Alexander the Great suffered from depression. His coping mechanism was writing.

Interestingly a lot of innovative people in history suffered depression. And even more interesting is that innovators are out-of-the-box thinkers.

Maybe there’s a part of depression that’s a gift after all — our minds telling us to think differently... all for the better. ❤️

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