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How can I make the voice in my head either go away or shut up for awhile!?


It started about 2 years ago in July of 2017. I started hearing a voice whom is very negative and demanding. Its a female voice and all she does 24/7 is put me down, cuss me, and tries to order me around. She's always saying that I'm having a heart attack because she knows I used to be scared of the thought of it. She's always trying to get me to google my symptoms so I think I'm dying. She's always saying stuff to Luke bring out the worst in me and negative emotions and feelings. I refuse. It's one voice but can sound like anybody's voice I've ever heard. I feel like I'm going crazy! I don't really have nobody to talk to and I've been to the doctor and they dignoised me with anxiety, depression, dissociation, and PTSD. I can hear her voice in loud stuff like the TV being turned up or even in water. I also hear her when its quiet just not as bad. She never shuts up EVER! She sounds like thoughts I had a few years back because she limited to words. Meaning she only knows a few words almost like she's on repeat. They did used to be my thoughts though. Now I'm hearing them in voice form in my head instead of hearing my own voice when I think I hear hers like she scared if I hear my voice it will make her leave. I have gotten rid of her 4 times before I just don't remember how exactly! I need some help! Like I said I feel as though I'm going crazy. Right now and it started about 7 months ago my whole body is swollen and I mean as swollen as I can get and I think it has to do with when the voice speaks its like I suck in my stomach for hours at a time. I clinch down on my gums to the point to where it hurts to eat. I also catch myself making a fear face! I REALLY do need some help! Also the way I catch myself knowing I'm doing those things is because she gets louder when I'm doing one of the three!

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Have you seen a doctor? The swelling could be lyphedema or indicative or something more. Have it checked out. It's not the voice.

Sounds to me like you need to talk to a psychiatrist, he could diagnose you once again and prescribe med's to help you. Also have you had your kidneys checked you may be building up fluids, talk to your Dr. there is a simple blood test they can do for that. You need help, do not delay seek it out. I want you well, do not suffer needlessly. I send you best wishes, love and hugs, peace and strength.....Sprinkle 1....

Hello Lucky , There are a few conditions that may cause someone to hear voices. I have no idea what could be causing you to hear this voice but I would see a Doctor myself. Some medicines cause voices as a side effect, lack of sleep, heavy drinking , Thyroid disease Myxedems , high fever and infections, brain tumors. These are not listed to scare you . Seeing a Doctor will give you an answer. Pam

High blood pressure, anxiety

It looks like cellulitis. Are you diabetic? Even if you aren’t that redness is the part that needs checking. Is it warm to the touch? Diabetics also hear voices when blood sugar is too high or low. Please go see a doctor ASAP.

Sweetiepye is right. I added high blood pressure. You need that checked and it doesn’t even need to be that high for voices. There’s also temporal lobe seizures which aren’t hard to control. I’ve controlled them for more than 20 years.

If your whole body is swollen you should be checked by a medical Dr. Your feet are extremely swollen. This needs to be checked out.

Get medical clearance then deal with the voices. You need an assessment.

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