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I am currently reading “Hope and Help for your Nerves”, by Dr. Claire Weekes, and finding it very interesting if anyone wants to give it a try. Someone on this site recommended it.

I’d also welcome any other book suggestions anyone else out there has. I’ll do anything to help myself. Thanks.

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It was the first advice i ever got almot a year ago to the day , i didnt read it but i listened to many podcasts , the acceptance method really gave me a clear path and in a matter of weeks i started actually getting better mentally which was a shock since i had reached rock bottom and i felt so hopeless , now I'm really just thinking all the time


and it really keeps me calm

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Elocin303 in reply to Kevin160

It sounds like something I will really need to practice. Any suggestions to how you became successful? Sounds easier said that done of course. But I’m willing to try anything.

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Elocin, anything worthwhile takes time and practice to get it right.

Read the book or watch the videos over and over until it becomes second

nature in accepting that anxiety is but a thought gone awry....Once we accept

that thought as not harmful, we stop fighting the feeling and start the process

of Face, Accept, Float and Let Time Pass. :) xx

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surely it was really difficult, and still at times i tend to overthink and not just convince myself that anxiety wont harm me and its ok to let it take over without overthinking it, but i guess i reached a point where i was in a bad mental state and i stopped caring about things and then i really started to see that anxiety wont harm me and i started to improve my confidence and be less scared , i just simply started taking a deep breath everytime my heart sinks from fear , and then just keep talking within myself “this is fine , dont fight it , it will be over soon, this doesnt have to be bad , and i dont try to make a big deal out of it, eventhough my heart is beating like crazy , really hard not to crumble into a ball and panic, self talk is key , and overtime your body just simply knows what to do , now i thankfully get much less panic attacks but i still get many anxiety attacks but its still progress

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Remember the point is to know that anxiety diesnt have power when you are being rational and know its not harmful

Self talk yourself when youre having a rough time ,dont run away from it , make anxiety a good thing , think of it as a guest not a threat, and dont sit doing nothing when its there, keep doing whatever it is to show yourself its normal its not affecting you , and overtime this will become true ;) and remember it needs time , ( L )Let time pass

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All such good advice. I think this will be difficult for me to “see” or feel it working. It all seems very abstract. What videos are there that are available?

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Llab in reply to Elocin303

Have you seen any videos made by Wonderbro on YouTube? He's a follower of Claire Weekes and has made dozens of videos about the Acceptance technique.

As he stresses over and over it's not easy and takes time, maybe a year or two to get well. However, you can start getting some benefits in a short time.

If you want to try, I would recommend starting small and realize that you will not do it perfectly. After working with it for about 6 months I can say that that my anxiety has decreased by at least fifty percent, so it's worth the effort.

Good luck!

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I will look that up. Thank you so much.

I have read this book many times and refer to it often . You won't go wrong following this advice.

Hi ! Nice to see you're looking for a method of self-help with anxiety, just like many members on here. I too have been recommended this book, to try and see if i can "tune in" to beat the anxiety. Let me know what you thought of it after youve read it and had time to absorb it all. Fingers crossed it's going to be of some help?🐿💕

I guess what I am taking from it so far is that I need to stop that second fear from piling on and making things worse. But not sure how to do that exactly.

Yes it can seem quite daunting but i tend to read it once then again andby the end i hope and prey that i can use some of her ideas which have worked wonders with many, many people. Im going to continue reading and maybe we can link up again and see what each of us has "taken" from her book?

May I suggest that nobody recovers by reading one self help book after another. Reading the book may bring understanding and reassurance but reading alone won't make you better. Only by engaging in the method described in the book and practicing with persistence do respite and recovery eventually come. Only when we fully understand the meaning of protocols like Face, Accept, Float and Let time pass do things begin to change.

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Sounds good. I just ordered it from the library! Thank you!

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