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I was doing pretty well there for a few weeks after I started the Buspar, but I’ve been having some moments. I get so tired of randomly panicking. I don’t even know what sets it off sometimes. Tonight my anxiety is really acting up. Not really sure what sparked it. I just feel like something is wrong and I feel really anxious. Hopefully it goes away soon.

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I tried buspar a few months ago and I was so hopeful and just knew it was going to work. At first I could feel it working and I felt more normal again. But it wasn’t consistent, like some days I could tell it took the edge off but others my anxiety was worse and I even felt depressed which was new. I was having some insomnia with it but kept thinking it would go away after my body got used to the medicine but eventually that insomnia won the battle and I quit the buspar and my sleep returned to normal in a few days. I even had some panic attacks during what little sleep I was getting and that was also not a problem before the buspar. My doctor didn’t think it was the cause of my insomnia but it definitely was! I just couldn’t function on it due to that. Not sure how long you’ve been on it but that was my experience and I was just on it for 3 weeks.

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I’ve been on it over a month now. It makes me pretty tired, no insomnia yet. I had the genesight testing done and it said buspar was something that would work for me. I can definitely tell that some days it works great and others I have break through anxiety. Today is one of those days. I take 5mg three times a day. I’m going to keep trying it a little longer and see what happens. I’m in the middle of planning a wedding, so I’m sure that most of my anxiety is coming from that.

Tdckaw39 in reply to labnerd

Yeah it might have done good for me if I had given it more time but I couldn’t keep going with little to no sleep. I’m not currently taking anything other than my Ativan just as needed. Planning a wedding would definitely cause some anxiety but should be an exciting time too. I’ve been curious about the genesight testing, did you go through your doctor for that? Good luck to you!

labnerd in reply to Tdckaw39

It is exciting , but I’ve got 5 months left and I feel like I’m so behind! So I think that really gets to me sometimes. And I did! I just asked my doctor about it and they did the cheek swab there and sent it out for me. You just sign a consent form. It take almost a month to get your results though. And most insurance won’t cover it. Thank you, you too!

guitara69 in reply to labnerd

I so should do that. I wonder if it really works or is just hoax

labnerd in reply to guitara69

I think it really works. I was on lexapro before I ever had it done. It didn’t really work. When I got the results back, lexapro was in the category of things that may not work for me

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