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Surviving the Hurt 😔


You're going about living your life after a trauma, wondering if you will ever get past what happened to you, wondering if you will ever feel like yourself again.

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Can you find a therapist in post traumatic stress disorder who can help? The trauma you had is too difficult to adapt to, without help. No need to reply.

You’re absolutely correct.

I still work on forgiveness and pray for God to heal me and bless me.

💜 that’s wonderful, I myself turned to God and prayer. For a long time I didn’t then I realized I need to turn to the Lord.

Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Dearest, you turned to God and prayer, now believe in yourself that you

can and will go forward. You will be healed and not allow anyone to ever

hurt you again. I pray that Life holds a miracle for you. And that you will find

happiness, peace and calm both physically, mentally and spiritually.

You are not alone. :) xx

Thank you Agora!!!

Tealribbon in reply to Pink49

I'm curious....and I don't mean to be disrespectful, after praying do you feel better? Like you have been heard by God?

No disrespect taken! I do, I am more so asking God to help me get through the pain and to help me with my negative thinking. For those who do know him and rely on him, Jesus seems to be wildly generous in his offer: "If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you."5 To "remain" in him and have his words remain in them means they conduct their lives aware of him, relying on him, listening to what he says. Then they're able to ask him whatever they want. Here is another qualifier: "This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us -- whatever we ask -- we know that we have what we asked of him."6 God answers our prayers according to his will (and according to his wisdom, his love for us, his holiness, etc.).

Where we trip up is assuming we know God's will, because a certain thing makes sense to us! We assume that there is only one right "answer" to a specific prayer, assuming certainly THAT would be God's will. And this is where it gets tough. We live within the limits of time and limits of knowledge. We have only limited information about a situation and the implications of future action on that situation. God's understanding is unlimited. How an event plays out in the course of life or history is only something he knows. And he may have purposes far beyond what we could even imagine. So, God is not going to do something simply because we determine that it must be his will.

Thank you for taking the time to write such a clear response. So, if I understand what you are saying, we trust God to do what is best for us. Because of my anxiety it is so hard to believe that God is listening and that prayer makes a difference. But I guess I need to trust what the Bible says (what you quoted).

God wants us to trust him, it won’t be easy it wasn’t for me at first. I had to understand that I couldn’t do this without him. For some ppl God may not be the direction someone might want to go but if you believe in Him it can make a difference. I battle with anxiety and I feel just like you, I had so many other thoughts it was hard for me to hear Him, it was hard to be patient it was hard for me to even breath and say God help me please. Everyone journey is different. Your journey is different from mine but we both have the same underlying concern which is anxiety. I don’t want to say bc of your anxiety it’s hard to hear Him or realize he is trying to work on you. If that makes sense.

In Christ, everything is going to be ultimately, gloriously, eternally, inexpressibly, wonderfully okay. Therefore, Jesus says to you and me, right now, right where we’re at, “Do not be anxious.” He says this knowing our past, our temperament, the seriousness of our current crises, and how intense we fear the possible dread may become reality.

I found this online to share with you, maybe it can give another perspective.

Don’t Talk to Your Anxieties

Your anxieties talk to you. Don’t talk back to them. Talk to God.

This is typically hard because anxieties often disguise themselves in our imaginations. They feel like such realistic scenarios and therefore emotionally compelling to dwell upon. Anxieties can even impersonate, taking the form of people — often people we know. These are some of the most insidious to fight.

In real life, these people might be family members or friends or fellow church members or co-workers or acquaintances or people we only know by reputation. They might be people with whom we disagree on an issue, or with whom we have a relational strain, or with whom we are in serious conflict. They might be people we fear misunderstand us, or fear disappointing, or fear exposing our weakness or ignorance in front of, or fear confronting with a hard truth, or whose sin we fear might be a symptom of deep spiritual issues, or whose influence we fear might damage our loved one.

Whoever they really are, something about them provokes anxiety in us. And our anxiety then can come to us in our imagination in the form of that person, and start talking to us. It says provocative things to us, and we reply. Before we know it, we have engaged in a lengthy argument in our heads that arouses all kinds of sinful emotions and leads us to think and feel uncharitably toward the real person. But we haven’t talked to them at all. We’ve talked to our anxiety — we’ve talked to ourselves and sinned not only in indulging faithless anxiety, but in failing to love that person.

God never instructs us in Scripture to fight anxiety by arguing with it. It never works. Scripture only instructs us to cast our anxieties on God in prayer and trust him to meet our needs

Wow!! So true about sceneries feeling real but it's really just in our head. I hate the physical aspect of anxiety. I know to take deep breaths. And I do pray. You encouraged me to keep praying. I know to confess my sins but somehow I misinterpreted my ongoing anxiety to mean God was angry with me or He turned His face from me. Thank you for taking the time to send help to a stranger. You encouraged me so much. Hugs

Hugs to you 💜 I’m glad your praying and seeing what you need help in, what your needs are just keep asking and sharing. I am a strong believer you will get more answers to what you are searching for

Hi, Happy you are "Understanding"...

Our Enemy loads people down with burdens they cannot carry. For example, he wants us to believe that GOD will not forgive us for our sins and that we are "unlovable". What a crushing burden, and what a terrible lie! When we “come to” Christ, our sins are forgiven. And the truth is that our Heavenly Father loves all of us deeply. (Rom. 8:32, 38, 39)

Jesus has proven that he wants to rescue us, to refesh us. He offers to lift our burdens. It's free. But what a high price he paid for us...His life.


Tealribbon in reply to newbie56

You wrote as if you had read my journal.

Jesus made a beautiful promise to a crowd that was listening to him. “Come to me,” he said, “and I will refresh you.” Yes, I'm sure you're familiar with Matthew 11:28-30. This was not an empty promise. We really can trust those loving words.

I'm not a religious person, but it sounds like your faith is a huge part of enduring the trauma so I commend you and that's something not everyone has to lean on. Someone else mentioned pro counseling help too...I'd 100% agree. Also, if you're not already doing it, a gratitude journal like 5 Minute Journal (it's an app too) is great.

We have a new sense of what’s important. We don’t allow drama in our lives. We cut the bs quick. We have a new baseline. The line in the sand is waaaaaaay oooooouuttt there➡️.

I am never the woman at bedtime I was when I woke up; trauma or not. Life changes us every moment.

Just keep moving forward to success and never ever think it was your fault or give away your power.


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