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First ECT treatment


Hi everyone. Recently returned from the hospital after my first ECT treatment. It went ok (I mean, I don’t really remember a lot but ...). The anesthesiologist, at my request, gave me extra pain med & something so my stomach wouldn’t be upset (which it ALWAYS is after anesthesia). I remember being wheeled into the treatment room & the nurse anesthetist telling me she was starting the IV. But the next thing I remember was waking up in my room.

I don’t feel like I’ve had memory loss — I remember getting up this morning, my husband driving me to the hospital, etc. My doctor is starting with unilateral [R side of the head only], and if that isn’t working after 6 treatments or so he’ll switch to bilateral (both sides of head). He said bilateral is more associated with memory loss.

I have a headache and my throat is sore for some reason. The nurse warned me that I may not feel muscle soreness, if I do, until tomorrow. I’m still quite depressed — not surprisingly — but at least #1 is in the books.

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Hi nicetry,

Congrats on beginning your ECT therapy! I hope it's very effective for you. 🌹🕊🔆💐👍💜

Ok! You made it! Your throat hurts from the ventilator they used during general anesthesia. Your throat should get better soon. Your next treatment should feel a lot better since you now know what to expect my friend.

I’m glad you sound so positive. You’re in my prayers. We want good results.


Thanks everyone. I’m still withholding judgment — understandably I guess — on whether ECT will ultimately work.

Sounds like you got through it quite well. The first treatment was the worst for me because I didn't know what to expect. Could the headache be from dehydration? I have to sleep with water next to me and drink some every time I wake up. Most mornings I still wake up with a headache that gets better after a few glasses of water. I hope this helps you. Made a huge difference for me. HUGS and BLESSINGS!

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Thank you ❤️ My autoimmune disease causes dryness so I am CONSTANTLY drinking water. Although today, (day after first ECT) the headache is much worse. And my throat is very, very sore.

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Take care today. There's nothing wrong with resting if you have to.

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