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First post.

Hello everyone.

Thought I’d share my story here.

These past couple months my anxiety has gotten so bad. I’ve never really dealt with anxiety like this before. I took a trip to the hospital for chest pains and all the x-rays came back just fine. The doctor said I was in great health with my heart and lungs. I started to get better after that, like my nerves were starting to calm down and then my husband had to leave for a work trip and he’s been gone for almost three weeks now and it’s been so incredibly hard not having him here because he was so much support to me. I’m home taking care of our daughter and sometimes it’s just so overwhelming. It’s gotten to the point where I’m not sleeping much now. Last night I didn’t fall asleep until 4 and woke up close to 6. I do have a bed time routine. I try not to look at my phone or watch TV before bed, I drink calming teas but the moment my head hits the pillow I just start worrying about every little thing. There’s no set date on when my husband will get back home and I hate the uncertainty. I just wish I could go back to sleeping well, I’m not sure what started all of this not sleeping stuff but I just know that when I don’t sleep well my anxiety is 10x worse the next day. The back of my neck is constantly stiff and I just have this sense of it’s never going to get better, I’m never going to sleep again, something must seriously be wrong with me.

I’m just trying to hang in there but it’s so exhausting.

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I’m sorry about that. You are in the right place

An anxiety disorder is very powerful. Anxiety feeds on anxiety. One of its favorite tools is preventing sleep. I can deal with my anxiety during the day, but I need medication to get me through the night. It used to take 2 or 3 hours for me to fall asleep, now it’s about 7 minutes. I take an anxiety medication, not a sleep medication. I get good sleep if I can get my anxiety shut down. I hope that you feel better soon.

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Thank you!

I have my first doctors appointment on the 20th. I’m not on any medication right now so I’m nervous to start but I can’t keep living like this.

I’m the same as you, during the day I can manage it but the second my head hits the pillow my anxiety is through the roof. I don’t know how to shut it off.

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I know the feeling. Please do as much as you can to get a handle on it, you deserve so much better. I had to hit bottom before I would accept anxiety as being a real issue.

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I appreciate your kind words 🖤

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Yup. Me too

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Same with me

Hey! My severe anxiety was a B12 deficiency, as well as my chest pains. I would highly suggest you ask for it to be tested. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, I understand!

Here’s some symtoms, if any sound familiar.

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Yes I’m getting that checked. My mom had to get a b12 shot every now and then.

Thank you!

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Awesome! Just make sure you don’t take any supplements from now until you’re tested, they can skew results. It often runs in families so I’m sure you on the right track:)

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Yeah I’m just trying to eat as healthy as I can for now. No supplements.

My family has a lot of blood issues as well like low blood sugar and what not. My mom and grandmother had a thyroid issue as well so I’m definitely going to be laying this all out to my doctor lol.

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Good! Then your results will be accurate.

The interesting thing is- thyroid disorders often can cause malabsorption of B12 in the stomach. That’s what happened to me- my thyroid disorder lead to Pernicious Anemia, which is a form of B12 deficiency. It caused severe anxiety and a million other symptoms. I’m actually bedridden now and I start B12 shots next week:)

Make sure you get thyroid panels, D, iron, checked, etc. I’m sure you will be able to find the cause!

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I hope your B12 shots help! They helped my mom so much.

Thank you for your kind words 🖤

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Absolutely. If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last few months is that almost every symptoms has a real cause and most of the time it can be treated. Just don’t stop until you find the answer- I went to five doctors and no one knew what was wrong. I did hundreds of hours of research and brought the diagnosis to my doctor and she said, “I’m so glad you found this because I don’t think I would have thought of it.”

Remember that doctors are human and they don’t know everything- advocate for yourself and do your own research and you will be surprised at how much better you can get!

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I totally agree with you Tnhundley in that doctor's are human and that we need

to be our own advocate. xx

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