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Dear best friend, goodbye...


Are you really gone?

As my days draw out I find myself thinking about all that we had.

I miss you dearly and wish you were by my side, too.

I hate not having you here.

Never being able to see you or talk to you would be my greatest fear.

I miss you, Will we be able to laugh again?

We had so much fun together, thinking of it makes me sad.

I love you like a sister and I will always care

I wish things were different not being able to talk to you doesn't seem real.

I miss our silly moments I miss our bond of trust.

I hate not being able to talk to you and I don't want to have to adjust.

I wish I had the opportunity to go back to the way things were before.

I wish we could still laugh and joke like we used to be able to.

I will always be here for you if you ever need me.

I know you said we have nothing in common anymore.

And even though it breaks my heart to know you think that I will walk away.

I just want to know, will you ever be there for me again?

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You’ll get thru it. I lost my bff, soul mate 2 years ago. I think about her every day. I’ll never stop loving her neither will you. But you can’t let it be your reason for living. I know it’s hard. Find someone else to talk to share stuff with.

That really touched me. I have been talking to a close friend of mine who was once really active on this site but, stuff happened lately and now he's thinking about leaving.

I guess what I am really afraid of is that he will walk away from me too. He has talked to me for hours on end over the last 4 months.....I finally decided to come on here and talk after constant coaxing by him to open up to others.

So, I can sympathize with you greatly. It may be different for guy to guy friendships but, I doubt it. I will talk to you if you need a friend. Okay?

Thanks and i would like that every much

Hello dear, am sending you hugs from here. I can understand how heavy your heart is right now. I know it not easy loosing a friend. you are not alone. It might take a while but you will survive this. I know it hard to let go especially if you have good memories about the relationship.

It’s like a real break up. It’s a beautiful letter of love. If they feel that way it’s not about you. They want to change let them go gracefully and go get some love elsewhere... you might just find a quality friendship that had their wings broken too and adore you back. You’re deserving of great love it’s not always about us. It’s circumstances and paths.

Hi broken-hearted.

That really touched me also. I have had that happen too. After years, I really never understood why she gave up our close friendship. But she did, and I did just accept it and let it go.

Personally, I don’t readily choose to give up a friendship so enjoyable and fun because it does not happen very often. I cherish those. To me it made no sense and even years later ( since now we don’t have a lot of years left) to not even answer an invitation to meet for lunch seems almost bizarre.

I suppose this is an important difference between the two of us and it is her choice for whatever reason I will never know.

Thank you for posting.

By the way, it has been years since then, and in the interim I have met a friend or two I feel similarly attuned to. I think life gives us many, if somewhat different opportunities for close friendships.

Best wishes.

Can really relate to your share. I have lost a lot of friendships, not even sure why...some last for seasons a few for a lifetime.

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