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Anxiety coping ideas?


Hello friends! Looking for anxiety coping ideas– I know the usual: mindfulness, journaling, exercise, etc. I've been getting anxious lately because I don't have much to do (I'm a student so summer is not a busy time), and when I'm not busy I tend to sit around being anxious. Obviously I should get out and do something more active, but sometimes I'm not sure what exactly to do. Would love some creative ideas of what works for you guys. Thanks!!

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If you're not sure what to do with your down time it sounds like a good opportunity to explore. You could try some new things and see what you enjoy. Fly a kite, sketch in the park, or make a food you've never had before. If you really want to challenge yourself, pick something that scares you and try it.

Nothing works as good as helping someone else.

Try volunteering :) xx

eharvey8 in reply to Agora1

I actually do volunteer and it is certainly one of the best coping mechanisms I have, so I should probably do more of it because you're right– it's great for everyone involved. Thank you!!

Agora1 in reply to eharvey8

eharvey, I used it myself several times and it helped me so much.

The last time was at a Veteran's Hospital working with the Paraplegics. The strength

and positive attitude I saw made me realize how much I had to be grateful for.

You're doing the right thing. :) xx

Hi, do you have acess to a swimming pool? Its good to stretch out your joints and relaxing.

eharvey8 in reply to Anxietygal2

I don't but have some friends who do so I might see if I can use theirs. Great idea– thank you!

This is a great time to check out the museums the zoo the movies spending some time in the park or at the beach. Do you walk or ride a bicycle? Have a friend over and enjoy a meal together. Any hobbies u have been thinking about . Good luck and take care

I have tried a lot of those and they are all great ideas (as long as I can get myself out of the house to actually do them!). I haven't thought about museums though- that's a great suggestion. Thank you so much!

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