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Will i ever feel like myself again?


I haven't felt like myself for a long time, most of the time i feel like a stranger to myself...im scared ill always be like this or I'll completely forget myself 😞

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Hie , what's happening? Please tell.

Lindsey14 in reply to Ashfaren

Idk really. Don't know why im feeling this way

Ashfaren in reply to Lindsey14

u must know.

Stay strong

Lindsey we all go through moments in life where we are on unsteady ground. Times where we are unsure, we are scared, we worry. I can guarantee you that whatever you are going through will pass, you will feel yourself or better than before. It takes time. You need to be strong and focus on where and who you want to be and not get consumed by worries over something that is in the past. Remember you cannot change the past, only the future.

I had a mental episode that left me so fearful... I thought I could never be the same. It bothered me and made me feel scared and ,on top of mentally , I was physically not myself. That was 2 years ago. I know that it was my own thoughts that kept me feeling that way. I learned to look ahead, not behind and to change my thoughts process when those thoughts would come to the surface. Embracing them and worrying about them would have left me stuck there forever. It takes a time to change your thought process but I believe we are all strong enough to do it. Your mind is powerful. We believe what we think. Think good happy thoughts and you'll turn it around.

Like when you start to think about what is bothering you, let's say you are bothered by thinking about feeling pins and needles in your legs... Embrace it enough to say "i don't like this and I know it will go away like it did before, so I'm not going to pay attention to it", then put it to the back of your mind! Turn your attention to something else! Think about things that make you happy, watch a movie, listen to music, make music, take a walk and look at Barrie... Whatever it is to take your mind away from it and to a good place.

If you find yourself too much in your thoughts then Ground yourself! Look around and pick out 5 things you see. Bring yourself back to reality!

It will go away! I promise!

Think yourself up not down!

smhall3 in reply to Icare4u

Beautifully said and so true...... I needed this today

Icare4u in reply to smhall3

I'm glad to have lifted your spirits!🙂

smhall3 in reply to Icare4u

I actually printed out your response because it’s something I really need to read on a daily basis. Although I know it’s true it’s hard to remember when you’re feeling sad and depressed and anxious. Thanks for the reminder.

Agora1 in reply to Icare4u

I love the advice Icare :)

Make it a great day xx

And talk to people! Talk to your family, friends, a counselor. Tell them how you feel! They will not judge! And if they do, Don't be afraid to be judged. People will always judge. Let those people go. Keep the ones who stick by you no matter what.

Lindsey14 in reply to Icare4u

Thank you so much for this and taking time to comment❤❤

You are so welcome! Hugs!

I know how you feel...I don't remember when was the last time I was happy? I'm afraid to be Happy for fear that something wrong will happen? I'm not sleeping well. I go to sleep the next morning, then feel like Crap the next day. I can't afford to pay for counseling right now. Trying to find a job, I'm 64 there hard to find for people my age. I pray daily, I think I'm a good and giving person.

We can get through this❤ I think we can

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