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I don't feel like myself at all


Its been awhile since I felt like me. Feels like the feeling gets worse every time I leave home and visit my dad and then come back home. Right now its very bad. I feel so disconnected with myself. Could that be my anxiety/ depression or dissociation? I fear it could be something worse like psychosis or a deadly disease. I'm afraid I'm going crazy or ill forget who i am.

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*hugs* what do you like to do for fun? Go to them for comfort when you're hurting

Try to keep your stress down as much as possible. I hear you it’s rough.

JEG325 in reply to Starrlight

But, like you, she can do it, right? S, you're a survivor. You're much tougher than you give yourself credit for. I'll bet Lindsay is too!

Starrlight in reply to JEG325

Yeah we’ll get stronger and go onto great things

Hi Lindsey,

When I felt like this I told my doctor about it and she said not to worry because it was due to my severe lack of sleep; she was right. Have you been short on sleep a lot lately on top of your anxiety/depression? It's one possibility. Just this going back and forth seems like it could do it, too, after awhile when you add all of your stress. Stress is a very important issue here. Stress and adequate rest and who knows what else. Don't worry and rest and relax as much as you can. I know that's easier to say than to do. But do your best. Hugs and Love...🌿💝💐🌿

Lindsay, I have faith that you can get through this. Take the reins yourself and be the one in control. You know what's real and what isn't. Don't let the false thoughts trap you and have their way. Keep your mind busy with real life events so you don't have time to dwell on the negative. Get outside as often as possible. Fresh air, sunshine & the extra freedom of the outdoors is immensely helpful. Find some reasonable, friendly people to interact with. Human interaction is one of the best ways to stay grounded. But, mostly believe in yourself, who you are and that you can succeed. I will pray that you find happiness, peace and joy. Blessings to your future. Okay?

Hi. It seems like you’re going through a tough stretch right now. What you mentioned could might as well just be heightened levels of anxiety. Your mind and body could be trying to protect you, so on the surface it might appear that you have lost touch with yourself and from reality, when you really didn’t. It just might feel that way. Much like how things may look dangerous when they really aren’t.

You have received some very good advice; I hope you can give them a try. If you can distract yourself by any means, fully give your attention to a single thing; it might keep the thoughts at bay. I know you can get through this

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