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I just want to feel like myself again


I've not felt like myself for awhile now. I mostly feel like a stranger to myself. Who am i? I feel like anxiety and depression could be clouding that answer. I want to 've myself again and not this stranger i am rn. Can i ever be myself again?

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I feel like this a lot. Over the past three years I have changed so much just through working through my anxiety. I realized that I've never been myself. I've always been the person that other people want me to be and that's part of why I was so anxious. I was constantly worried I wasn't good enough for them and then I'd get depressed when I fell short. I don't know if that is similar to what you are feeling but one thing that helps me is trying new things that I wouldn't necessarily do or doing things by myself so I can get to know myself more and figure out the person I want to be.

Lindsey14 in reply to TheMeg

Thank you so so much

TheMeg in reply to Lindsey14

No problem!

Lindsey, I am so sorry that you feel this way. Many of us have felt this way before and often times it is a phase a few times throughout the year. Have you considered seeking professional help ( not medication) for someone to talk to? We are here for you of course. I am praying for you. Big Hugs!!

Lindsey14 in reply to APOR2017

Thank you!❤

I can relate to both of you - Lindsey and TheMeg. I also was always the person others wanted me to be and also put pressure on myself to be perfect. It seems like the more I learn about myself, the more confused I get! But at the same time, I feel like everyone is in a state of constant learning about who they are, so i think figuring out how to be happy is probably more important than knowing exactly who you are and what you want at any given time

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