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Get moving


In all my years of fighting thing that has always made me feel better is the gym.

The same organ that can paralyze me in fear of so many things can also push yourself in a positive way on the other end of the existential spectrum...

If I sit around in fear and get stagnant and lazy then my depression gets a hold of me.

I’ve been in such panic attacks sometimes that I do endless sets of pushups and burpees so I don’t go to the ER.

If I move my ass with some purpose it lightens it’s daily grip.

I also understand that when I’m in a serious low it’s VERY hard for me to get my body to the gym.

As I sit here I can honestly say that the lowest times in my life have been when I didn’t have a gym membership.

Anyone else feel like movement is one of the only fail safe coping mechanisms?

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Hey bro i understand everything that you are saying i definitely can relate. When im in the jim, exercising and working out, its a major stress reliever for me aswell. If i sit around my home feeling sorry for myself things only get worser. When i get up, get out and push myself to the limit im in a much better mood. Great post brother, alot of people can relate to your story.

Pittiedad9 in reply to Mratl83

Swell up dude

Mratl83 in reply to Pittiedad9

Oh yeah👍

What do you like to do at the gym?

Going to the gym helps me feel better. What do you do at the gym? I like spinning, cardio and free weights.

Lot of kettlebells..parallel dip bars.

Pull ups.

Deep stretching.

I like to move like a monkey as much as possible

If I don’t I start to ache everywhere and hate myself even more

Well, good for you👍

You too keep moving best of luck🙏🙏🙏❤️

I like shadow boxing, because I always win! 🥊

Haha😂 love that!

Haha I just lost it we seem to have the same quirky sense of humor thanks for that!

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