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What would your life be like if you weren't depressed or anxious?


Have you ever thought of this? Though I developed some bad habits as I got depressed but generally, I feel I'm a better person and even though life isn't rosy, I care more for others and I work towards fighting the good fight. Tell me, how's it with you?

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That a good way to put it, I’ve become more aware of feelings as an individual and am truly a much more kind person, but at the same time I ask myself, what i would do in some situations if I didn’t have depression or anxiety?

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I think you'd still do the right thing, you're a good person.

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Thank you, that’s very good to hear :)

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you are a good person too, forgot to mention that before I replied:)

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Lol. I really hope I am.

I honestly think my life would have been significantly better. I have battled anxiety and depression as a result of psychological and emotional abuse and I honestly think it was pretty needless. If I had not have had those cirumstances I think that I would probably have children and grandchildren and a career and a good standard of living though I will never know for sure but i can't see why not.

Wow. I'm sorry. But really, we will never know.

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I do know how you feel, that’s why this question surfaces for me from time to time... Im still young and might have a chance with support and everything, but I’m sorry it’s had such a difficult impact on you... these philosophical questions sometimes have a negative effect and sometimes a positive so I still enjoy trying to contemplate them occasionally

I stopped trying to make everyone else happy. Thank God for a doctor who got me the right medication. Live one day at a time forget about the mistakes they are in the past. Try to reach out to a friend who you trust. Do something fun or silly. Blow bubbles in the wind and giggle.

Thanks for this. It got me smiling.

In a nutshell a life without depression and anxiety... I’d be a lot less aware of the condition and probably not as empathetic to others that do have it.

I’m not perfect, by I’m grateful for what I am.

Thanks a lot, Mr Zee, you're for sure a good person. 😊

Thank you AnIslandOfPeace. You made my day :)

Any time, sir.


Unfortunately, I know what it was like as I had none of this anxiety or depression until 2017 when I suffered a trauma. I am 61 and life was blissfully normal until the trauma. I almost wish I never knew how good it used to be.

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Thanks for responding, I really believe you'll feel better someday, real soon.

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Thanks...I hope you are correct 😊

I think my life is fine. I’m exactly who I’m supposed to be. I’ve overcome and continue to work on my challenges. My issues have raised intelligent, resourceful, tolerant, kind kids that realize all disabilities are not visible. They are very close to each other and open-minded. I’m working on my second Masters and I’m a workaholic (as are my children). I can’t think of a thing I’d change except perhaps that it was socially acceptable to smack a narcissist mother after she smacks me. I’m 55 and there’s no telling when she wants to hit. Just once.......okay I have more work. Life is good.

Thanks Doaty, you always give me a reason to smile. 😊

I legit can't imagine never having depression or anxiety. I believe it has made me a more compassionate and creative person. It would be nice to erase certain moments of my life and replace them with joy...but where would I be? Probably in Florida. I don't know...it makes me nervous to think about lol

Lol. So depression and anxiety isn't all bad eh?

I definitely would be more courageous. More confident. More outgoing.

At the same time I think, that I would be maybe less understanding and perceptive. Anxiety makes me care more about others, because I know how important it is for myself as well. For example, I always talk to my subordinates at work calmly, trying not to pressure them, doing my best to let them express themselves through work, help them, have small talk to them. It creates a different environment for them.

So, I think we would be different not just by having more mental "freedom", but by having something less as well.

Hmmmm. That's really cool.

If I didn’t suffer from depression bipolar ocd trauma anxiety I think I’d want to do more of the things I have to do. I’d be more enthusiastic about so much in this amazing world that I do love to explore but my moods and thinking just puts all my effort into staying alive and being the best mom I can be. After that I’m exhausted. I’m just so done. Crying trying to be fine. Beautiful all around me except I can’t seem to live in it I’m in some far away dream. Ever since I was abused then more when some of my loved ones died. Now I don’t even know what’s wrong. Im just wrong.

I'm sorry, ma'am. Thanks for sharing that, I hope you feel better soon.

Thank you for sharing this. It helps me feel not so alone. You’re an amazing person.

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This is an old post but a great question so I wanted to write.

I am so sorry. I am glad you let any of us know how we can help. ❤️❤️❤️

I’ve often wondered this myself and sometimes still do. But once recently, I also thought this...

I seriously doubt that, if the abuse trauma and neglect that caused my depression and anxiety didn’t happen, I would be as loving, sensitive, encouraging, and present of a Dad to my child.

Thank you for asking. Hugs to you.

Thanks for replying. ❤️❤️

Good question. Thanks for posting it.

If I had not been abused, I think I would have been able to spend more time in a profession I love and one in which I could help others. I do mourn that loss. But who knows? I doubt I would understand as much as I do now.

That being said, I do like how I have been able to learn and grow from my experiences. I kept fighting and managed to survive and become happy. So my life has been interesting but difficult. But lots of lives are much more difficult.

I really value all the people who have taught and helped me to value and love myself. I have met many good and wonderful people but also some not so good, who I also learned from.

I am o k with it as is and it is the only reality I will ever know, so I’ll gladly take it. I am very happy some of it is long gone and I wish I had more time on earth to be happy, however I realize no one has much control over anything so we have to take what we get !

I am glad I learned that the true value in life is in giving to others.


Wow. I really needed to see this reply right now. Thanks for replying, Poodie. ❤️❤️

Hi anis.

I am happy it helped.❤️


It's never been any other way do I have nothing to compare it to

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