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Looking for a support group for depression and anxiety


I'm a therapist with long history of depression. Meds not working any more. Need a support group. Friends I can relate to and who know what I'm going through.

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Hi. I know what you mean. How long have you been on your current medication? I currently suffer from anxiety and depression.

Welcome. I think supportive human interaction is powerful. I learned that when it disappeared from my life and I started having many health problems.

argh52 in reply to JapaneseFuton

We are here. Welcome

I’m dealing with this now.

Welcome to the forums. You will find support here. You will also find a bunch of people who know what you are dealing with. That is a guarantee.

Well you have found it here. How can we help you? x


That has to be especially difficult being a therapist and having depression/ anxiety. Im a retired RN and have struggled with it for many years. Looking back, I guess I just put on my happy face for the patients and didnt show my true feelings. Do you have an outlet where you can be transparent with people about yourself?

marheart in reply to Hidden

No support group. No one where I can be myself--whoever that person might be.

Therapy has gone into the Aversion Therapy mode instead of a 2 yr run at asking for Hypnotherapy from the only person my Adult Senior HMO could find who would leave their practice to work for a paycheck within the big insurance Medicare system.

Have to learn who I am now, then what I want, then go after it. Tall orders!

I need a support group too. Being online isn’t enough, especially when you don’t have friends and there is no human interaction. All support groups cost money where I live. So it’s impossible.

There are emotions anonymous and depressed anonymous groups available in many locations. That might be an option for you melina9.

Thank you very much. I never heard of them. I’ll check it out :)

Both have online options too if there is no live meeting available to you.

marheart in reply to Melina9

There must be a way to get help. In USA we have social welfare services that can be helpful or they can get us nowhere. I've been on that nowhere train.

Will keep changing the methods that help. Won't stay truck in the tracks. So I keep telling myself.

Find every way possible to be grateful for even the smallest of things. Years ago Oprah recommended a gratitude journal. Now I'm using mine as much and as often as possible. I'm striving to trust the process.

Fighting the process is not positive enough for anyone.

Join me?

Melina9 in reply to marheart

You are right. I’m tired of fighting the system of don’t have a choice because of what they are doing to me regarding heath are. Aside from that, I do have a gratitude journal. I struggle to write in it everyday because I feel hopeless.

marheart in reply to Melina9

Just read this about making changing:


Melina9 in reply to marheart

Thank you :)

Melina9 in reply to marheart

Hmm...I’m unable to open this file

Welcome. This is a great place. Do you have clinical or situational depression? I’m a neuroscientist with clinical from TBIs. Very kind and knowledgeable folks here.

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