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Moving out of the darkest hour


Well everyone. I called my psychiatrist about the problems I was having with my medication... the whole night to day thing.

Anyways. He had some pretty wise words.

I started off by saying "My anxiety is coming back full fledge and I'm slipping back into my old ways"

His response was "Yes, we just started recovery. But we're a long way of were we will be. We still have work to do, and you'll still have your days. But you've made progress. But you've got a long ways to go."

& honestly. That meant SO much to hear that from him. I was worried that I was already defeated, when in actuality I've only begun to defeat.

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dbeck, the wise words of a professional who you can believe in.

You've only just begun but you are on your way. My best to you

in your journey :) xx

dbeck128 in reply to Agora1

Yes. I have never felt such comfort from a professional before. It feels like he really believes in me! How are you?

Agora1 in reply to dbeck128

I'm good, thank you :) xx

Happy for you 💛

You have much to look forward too!


Wow, that's a great doctor you have. It's unfortunate more don't chime in with words like's equally important to hear words of praise as the medication they do or occasionally do dispense. Kudos on your recovery, keep up the great work.

Hi dbeck

Fantastic comment. Such a shame more are not able to come up with such wise words to help us

My doc has been great too, he is just an ordinary GP but has experienced anxiety himself.


That’s right, he’s the expert 🙂 and apparently it’s not uncommon. Good luck

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