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Would anyone wanna talk? I’m suffering with accepting my problem with alcohol & I’m extremely depressed today, I’m mentally tearing myself apart

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I’m here. I’m a bit of a mess my self today. But alway here to talk.

Thank you, I think this site is amazing to have the ability to talk to people who care at your disposal. I just feel like I have a hole in my chest today & I can’t breathe. On & off crying. Just don’t wanna be alive.. don’t want to kill myself but don’t wanna be alive.

Boy do I understand that feeling of not wanting to kill myself but not wanting to be alive. Basically you just want the pain to go away. I felt that way very much yesterday. Today I feel better. It’s weird how things can change in a day. I’m hoping for you to feel better soon and for a better tomorrow. Hang in there and and don’t give up.

hi sorry to read of your struggles its great that you are admitting its a problem and that's an amazing huge step.first thing to do is try and get to AA it really will help no end and its nothing like years ago.i know a few people and it really has changed their lives for the better no end.the struggle might be hard in the beginning but with good support you will overcome it.i had problems for a few years I was drinking up to 17 litres of cider a day mixing it with drugs and was just a wrecking ball on self destruct.ive changed a lot of habits and im sure you will as well.

I’ve been looking into meetings, I’m ruining my relationship & he means so much to me. The thought of losing him makes me so scared, he’s my best friend & I love the life I’ve made with him.

make a promise to yourself that you will do it honestly it could be the best thing you do for years to come.your hubby will see you are committed and will offer greater support.i used drink to numb pain but and anger but now I do other things with my time I honestly can do without you take medication by any chance because that can make matters worse.


I'm here. I can relate.

sadsally9871 in reply to Hidden

It honestly helps having a place to vent & know other people have had similar experiences ): I’m in such a slump right now I keep repeating my same history & I need to get out of this loop

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I know. Drinking is the only time I feel better. I need to stop but it's so hard. I have definitely cut down alot. You can do it.

Hi sadsally9871, kenster1 is right in that admitting that we have any kind of problem

is the first step in going forward. You may be feeling that you are all alone and have

the weight of the world on your shoulders. Remember one thing and that is it is just

a feeling, it doesn't have to be reality. You are in charge. Someone once told me,

"Be miserable or motivate yourself, Whatever has to be done, is always your choice"

You are not alone Sally. You have your virtual family all around you. Stand strong my

friend. :) xx

sadsally9871 in reply to Agora1

Thank you, I really appreciate your response. I’m a strange mix of depressed & motivated to make a change. Just doing it to myself.

Agora1 in reply to sadsally9871

Oh I know Sally, we can and are our own worst enemy. When I feel out of control

and the tears start falling uncontrollably. I ask myself, "is this doing me any good".

The answer is always "NO" so then I stop and rethink the situation. Only I can make

it worse but I can also make it better. Breathe xx

Great advice. I need to take charge of my self and motivate. AA is a great program. Take that step. You got this! And yes!! You have your virtual family here !!!

Thank you, Destiny. Everyone’s responses has helped in feeling a little less alone

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. There's alcoholics in my family, I've had friends who had alcohol problems, and my ex is an alcoholic. Accepting and admitting there's a problem is very hard but it's an important first step. Have you sought out help yet? Support groups can be very helpful. I go to one for my depression. Knowing I'm not alone and talking with people who understand what I go through and how I feel has helped. I hope you're able to take that next step and start down the road to recovery. I know it's easier said than done, but you shouldn't tear yourself up. You have an illness that needs to be treated. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time. I wish you the best, Sally.

sadsally9871 in reply to Lolly56

Wow thank you so much, I have been looking into AA meetings, joined this site, & am in an AA chat group currently as well. I’ve got a big family history of alcoholism, I should have taken that more seriously when I started drinking so young.

Now I’m only 22 and already can’t drink hard liquor anymore

Lolly56 in reply to sadsally9871

You're only 22 and getting help now is the perfect opportunity for a long and happy life.

Your taking those steps. Good for you!!! You got this!!! Sometimes we just need that encouragement to take that step. I know I do. This site I just joined yesterday and I can say it helps me. Just to have someone to talk to. To give advice is nice. Someone not connected to my story. I believe in you!!!!


I’m here ...


I will talk to you if you'd like.

I usually drink because I'm bored. I hardly ever drink socially because I don't really have people to drink with. It's funny how I'm a bartender and am great at making drinks, but don't have much of a social life.

Speaking of drinking, I actually plan to drink tonight.

We all feel for you are are here for you

I am here as well. I am a good listener.


Hi Sally, it's morning here, ugly dark and raining. Hope you get to accept your problem. I wish I had answers. Each of us has problems and we just have to get it through our thick heads to let go and let God.

Well that's Great that your accepting that your an alcoholic, that's HUGE!!!

My boyfriend is and will Not say it. He has All the traits of an acholic. You should seek counseling, alcoholism can make your depression worse. You can't do this alone. We on this website can only offer support but not a solution.

Hi Sad Sally! hope you are well now. I think I am too late to be part of this conversation ,But I can understand that time had bad for you. I know it is hard to accept this problem. But if you still face this problem or feel that you become an addict of alcohol then I recommend you attend AA meetings or contact any Rehab center so that you may not face the same situation again. Below I am sharing one reference link for your help.

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