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1 year anniversary


Today makes 1 year that I brought home these two. In 1 year they have changed my life and my mom and brother’s as well. They brought us so much laughter, happiness, and love. Loki you have brought me so much more if you only knew how you been such an emotional crutch. When my anxiety begins to creep up, petting you soothes me, or watching you and your brother play distracts me from getting lost in my dark thoughts, and loving you both helps me with my depression. To many years of being owned by you two.

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Oh what a lovely picture and equally lovely story. I love cats but when my last one died I thought I can't go through all this again, but after a few months my home didn't seem like a home anymore so I gave in and got a new kitten. He is 5 now and as far from my other cat in every way possible but I love him dearly and find him a great comfort.

Except when I am on my lappy and he insists on sprawling all over it and me being all purry and furry having a love in session. I love being owned by a cat too :) x

Very cute cats... I have a dog & a cat, they bring me joy in rough times.


The one on the left has nice markings.

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That is Logan that’s my mom and brother’s cat but I recently moved back in with them and of course Loki came with

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Thank you btw

They’re so lovely! I have two cats too - they will be 5 in August. I’m glad your kitties bring you comfort and happiness. Mine do too. Especially my big, black cat (Jellybean). She just seems to know when I need a cuddle 🥰. How do you post pictures on here? X

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When you write a post on the bottom left corner there’s a camera icon

So adorable! My cat, Hal, is such a support for me, too. He loves cuddling with me and has a weird affection for everyone, including my dog (they're besties!). Don't know what I'd do without my animal companions!

My cats are life savers. I live alone and knowing I’m not going home to a empty house but to my two love bugs is such a comfort! They really do make it feel like home! And they are both such snugglers! I blame them for why I can’t wake up in the morning! They are just being too cute giving cuddles!

Is the pic of one of your kitties ?

No that’s a generic online kitten. I do have an orange kitty though and a white and orange spotted kitty.

Kitties are the best things in the world! Mine have helped my anxiety so much!

I’m a huge animal lover but with my life style well more like my line of work it wouldn’t be fair for a dog to have to wait on me at times over 8 hrs for me to get home and walk it. I grew up with animals and all sorts but I did go through a very long span of not having one till recently and I’m so glad I got these two little critters. I’m also a firm believer in pets being a huge asset to humans and their health.

hi happy to read what part your cats have made in making you feel happier about life.my dog pretty kept me alive through difficult periods.glad to read your story.

Lovely kitties. I see one likes being filmed whilst the other is camera shy. I really miss my cat who died a few months ago.

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Lol I was on FaceTime with my mom and took a pic while FaceTiming

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