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Needing Support


Hi, I’m new to this group support and I need some support and new friends to talk to and just find myself again.

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Hi momma bear, my name is Mary Jo but I go by Jo. It’s nice to meet you. There are so many wonderful people on this forum. Everyone will support you, including me. We will be there while you are finding yourself. Do you suffer from depression or anxiety? If you do you’re in the right place. I will talk whenever you want. I suffer from depression and anxiety. Practically all my life. Give me a shout out if you want to talk. God bless you.

Mommabear15 in reply to Angry101

I’m pretty sure I suffer from both. I’m a new mom and it’s challenging sometimes and I got it down path it’s just me and my partner we just find ourself arguing more and go falling further apart. I find myself sad all the time and have panic attacks and think of the worst and freak out and just get anxiety by it. I have no support not by family or anything only my fiancé and it’s tough because I need more than that.

Angry101 in reply to Mommabear15

You will get all the support you need right here. I hope we can help.

Mommabear15 in reply to Angry101

Thank you ☺️

Ever since I've been here, I've got the support and advice I've needed. So you are definitely at the right site 😀. I'm Skylar, but go by Sky. I suffer from both depression and anxiety but if you need someone, me and many others on here don't mind to try to help 😊.


Thank you. I really can’t open up to my family because they’ll think I’m crazy or lying saying I have depression or suffer panic attacks and hopefully I can meet wonderful people on here and get support and be myself again. ☺️☺️

I know how you feel. I have a hard time opening up to people cause the leave and I can't open up to my family cause they think it's a 'phase' or it's about 'attention'. But there are some great people on here and I'm sure you'll find them. 😁


That’s how my family is. I really just keep it all balled up in my head until I explode or my fiancé gets it out of me. I can’t wait to meet great people to be able to open up about anything.

Welcome ! I am glad you reached out for support ;) hugs 🤗 !

Thank you. I already feel welcomed ☺️❤️

Welcome, MB. I’m very glad you’re here.

Mommabear15 in reply to JAYnLA

Thank you. I already feel so welcomed. ❤️

Me too! I've only been reading posts from others...until your post! Thanks for helping me finally get the nerve to post SOMETHING! I appreciate it.

I’ve always been the type to help others than to help myself. I’m so grateful I’m able to help you get the nerve to post your story and I’m here if you want to message. We can help each other. I appreciate you for kind words

I would like that! Thank you 😍

You’re welcome ☺️ welcome to the group

Welcome Dragonfly !! ;)

Thank you foxglove 😊

Welcome MB. Let us know what's going on.

Thank you ☺️


Same here, just joined to make new friends and share common life experiences.

Mommabear15 in reply to Hidden

Welcome ☺️ free to message me anytime

Hidden in reply to Mommabear15

Hi, I just joined Anxiety and Depression Support and had a sad experience of having to put my wife of 38 yrs. in the hospital for a urinary tract infection and is very sick because the infection has spread through all her blood system. She is stable now but the recovery process is a slow one. My anxiety is unable to come to an empty house without seeing her and haven't been able to sleep going on 3 nights. How do I deal with this and find a way to sleep and rest?

Welcome sweetheart - you are in a safe place here and I trust you will find support from those who know what it feels like to battle negative feelings, negative people, and negative circumstances. So much we don't have control over. But the good news is that we do have control over certain things that can help diminish the anxiety. Have you ever been to a functional doctor? Not a regular doctor, but a functional doctor?

Mommabear15, we are here for each other.

Welcome to our support family :) xx

Mommabear15 in reply to Agora1

Thank you ☺️

Hello! I'm glad you posted. I'm pretty new here too, but all I've read leads me to believe this is a very helpful and loving group of folks who know what you are going through. I'm glad you joined.

So far it looks like a really good support group and I’m glad I joined too. I never knew they was a app or anything like this or I would have joined months ago

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