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Interested in hearing how your intrusive thoughts started and what meds you take. Would be helpful.


Hi Everyone,

I have suffered from anxiety for most of my life, but I was formally diagnosed with GAD in 2010 and put on Lexapro (cipralex in Canada). It worked well for many years with CBT. A pharmacist filled my dose wrong 2 years ago and I was taking half of what I normally take. That’s when my intrusive thoughts started. It was scary. Suicidal thoughts, although, I don’t want to kill my self. It’s just an obsession. I got better for about 8 months and then I all of a sudden got my intrusive thoughts back one morning in May, 2018. I had been under tremendous stress prior - doing my masters, having two kids and working. I think I hit burn out. In any case, I have been struggling since. My psychiatrist switched me to Zoloft, but that isn’t helping my intrusive thoughts. Every time I up my dose, I get panic attacks. I do CBT, eat well, go to group therapy, exercise, naturopath, acupuncture you name it. I am now stating yoga which is helping. Did other people have intrusive thoughts that came on suddenly after a particular kind of stress? What was the stress? Mine seems to be kids and school. So I am thinking PPD? I don’t know. What medication are you on and does it help? The OCD/Pure O/intrusive thoughts are new to me and very scary. I would rather have just straight up anxiety. Love to hear how yours started and what you do to help yourself. Thank you!

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This may sound simplistic and abrasive but I heard somewhere to yell at the thoughts “F you!!” and it worked.

Just a thought, make sure you’re not estrogen dominant, it’s a breeding ground for this kind of thinking. BHRT saved my life. Emphasis on the B. Hypothyroidism also causes this madness. And lastly, magnesium deficiency is an easy fix if it’s happening with you. Vitamin deficiency can be helped too with infusions! I know you’ve tried everything. Micro greens are 4 to 40 times the nutrient-density of the full grown veggie. Get these in you. You can grow them yourself, easily. Sending you hope, friendship and healing.

I am estrogen dominant! Wow. That’s crazy that you just asked me that. I had a test a few months ago. What is BHRT? Yes, micro nutrients I have heard are fantastic. I will also say, “fuck you!” I will try it even though my therapist says that’s pushing it away, but whatever! Thank you!

Oh wow, yes wow! Ok listen, estrogen dominance is causing this and NO amount of antidepressants or talk therapy or acupuncture or vitamin infusions will fix you. Bio identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) will. You need a Functional medicine doctor or at least one who can prescribe BHRT. It is perfectly recognized by the human body (identical). Whereas, synthetic hormones are not. They’re made from pregnant horse urine and can be patented by big pharma and it’s all about their bottom line, not your health. You know this. Scrape and claw and scratch til you find BHRT. A compounding pharmacy may be able to refer you. Do you know there are women like us who are no longer alive, by their own hand, because of stupid estrogen dominance?? They didn’t know. They blamed themselves. I’m on a mission to spread the word about BHRT. Ageless by Somers is a book I recommend. This hormonal fluctuation thing is happening to us younger and younger and it gets covered up with a band aid of ignorance and antidepressants by these clueless doctors. can help you find BHRT.

Yes! I have heard Ageless is a groundbreaking book. I am in Canada. I wonder if I need to find BHRT in the US.

I’m sure you can find it there. If not, you can mail your tests in to a lab and get the meds mailed back to you. Wanted to mention, I tried lots of antidepressants, and after BHRT I easily kicked them, cold turkey and never. felt. better.

I know these meds help some and are life savers but IF your problem is hormonal they make it WORSE!! They stress and overload the liver which is already backed-up trying to metabolize all the excess estrogen! So you’re on that vicious cycle! I was there. Get off the ride. First, get the BHRT, second, kick the antidepressant for good!! Third, eat food that is ALIVE. Fourth, take 5-htp if you still feel a little low. Step 5, spread the word! Much love, so glad we connected!! Also, Dr Christiane Northrup and Dr Sara Gottfried have lots of life-saving books, websites, ammunition for us so check them out. This BHRT journey is really tough, cuz you suffer so much to find out why and how and what the hell is going on but it is SO worth the effort. Do not give up. Do not go with hrt. You need BHRT. There is a huge gigantic difference and it could be life and death. The controversy is there and it’s loud and the pharmaceutical companies have billions to spread their lies. Intrusive thoughts cause people to end it. You don’t have to suffer anymore.

My tests were done by a naturopathic doctor using The Dutch test. Is that accurate enough? My blood tests said I was normal. The Dutch tests urine samples over a 24 hr period. My naturopath put me on pre-natal vitamins, DIM, a cortisol reducer to take at night, because my cortisol rises at night and she said to change my diet/cosmetics/how I store food etc. She did not suggest BHRT. She said it was very tricky to reduce estrogen.

It’s not that tricky with BHRT. My doctor prescribed me a custom made testosterone cream and a progesterone pill in olive oil. Within a week all my symptoms were resolved. You’ve got to balance the estrogen with those or else “unopposed” estrogen, which wants to grow things, will grow bad things and promotes cancer growth. Don’t know about Dutch test but will research it. Glad you treated the cortisol, that’s important.

This is very helpful. Thank you.

I just wanted to update you and let you know that I found a fabulous functional MD where I am. She put me on progesterone pills and I am feeling better. I am also taking lots of supplements and eating better. It’s a slow process, but I think this is a step. Thank you.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to hear that. Ask this doc if she knows about broccoli sprouts. Look up broccoli sprouts. Eat them and chew them up well because they turn on all these genes that balance hormones, decrease inflammation, and ready the brain for greatness. This is my new medicine. Sulphurophane is the magic stuff in them and it’s pretty fascinating what it’s doing in clinical studies. Thanks so much for letting me know things are getting better for you! I’d love to hear more when there’s more to tell.

xo, strongheart

What does PPD stand for? I got intrusive thoughts about food and eating when planning a wedding while working and going to school full time. I think it was the fear of commitment that triggered them for me. It was so weird I could not stop thinking about food!! I did end up getting married and when things weren’t as bad as I thought then the thoughts seemed to get better.

Francis2019 in reply to Jaco2016

PPD is post pardum depression. My wedding triggered a very bad bout of anxiety which is why I have been on antidepressants ever since. Marriage wasn’t that bad, actually. It was the fear of the unknown.

Hi I have an increase in intrusive thoughts when under stress and off my medication.specially with kid linked stress but nothing stops my thoughts really except exposure . Good luck and best of health to you oh yes micro greens sound good.

Perphenazine helped me.

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