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Suicide Prevention

You cannot call a suicide prevention hotline because they send the police to your door. They then force you to get checked out by a doctor. All this happens, even if you do NOT say you are going to kill yourself. Suicide hotlines are only designed to drum up business for psychiatric hospitals. Where do you turn? Friends....No, I only have friends when they want or need something. Family? They only like you when you are happy. I hate life with every fiber of my being.

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Oh I am so sorry. Reaching out to forums like this, is a place you can go. Read my profile. You name it, I’ve tried it. Hospitalization, ECT, talk therapy. I found a miracle. It may be for you.

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What was your miracle? I feel like ending it all

I can't speak from personal experience, but are you sure that's what happens when you call? I thought that all they were supposed to do was talk you down. You don't even have to give your name or anything about you I thought? I'm sorry your friends are like that. Please stay strong.

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They trace your number. Yes, they do it.

that should not happen unless you specifically say you are committing suicide....most people call because they just need help to think of a solution.... I take every post like this seriously and am very sorry you had that experience. I do know that I was very impressed with a site that has resources I had not seen before and some I had, but mostly it was a realistic and personable resource for people in crisis.... I'll post the hyperlink for it. And I am glad your sharing here....your not alone....many here battle this...

I completely relate to what you wrote. Anything and everything is falling apart, including my constant chronic pain, undiagnosed autoimmune disease, sudden onset of Alopecia (yup. I’m bald), flooded basement, washing machine broke tonight, I’m SO broke, I have ZERO supports, therapist keeps cancelling on me last minute and my best best support... my 13 yr old border collie is declining health wise suddenly and quickly and vets don’t know why... family is fed up, friends? What friends?! They only bother when they want something. I am beyond fed up and frustrated and I’m SO much physical pain, pure exhaustion 99% of the time, anxiety, panic attacks, severe depression... no one cares. Hell, I even went on a depression chat room and was completely ignored... I am SO done! I can’t take anymore! All my decent clothes are sitting in the washer, filled with dirty soapy water that won’t drain. It’s busted. I’m screwed yet again... car needs a new intake manifold ($700 CAD) basement flooded over a month ago and it’s still a distaste (thanks insurance 🙄) I’m just so done. I can’t keep doing this shit. I’m too tired to care anymore. I need to just disappear and be done.... 😢

Hey, I hope you're doing okay. I think I've gone through a lot of the same things as you, so if you need to talk, I'm here.

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