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Im such a fool for thinking i could control all my feelings that maybe I was true i wasn't alone but I think I made it worse to lie to myself. I got to the point where I thought people should know I had been depressed qnd that they could ease my pain but nobody can. I can't breath because it hurts. I can't cry because the pain won't go a way. I keep thinking I will be ok. But the truth is that I am not better that everything is just numb. I try to show my love for the ones I care and rejection is all I get. I wish I would just fade away and that all the pain fades too. I guess my pain is not that important I guess others life is far worse that mine and nobody give a care if I get lost in the sorrow

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Trust me ur pain is so valid and so real seek help where u should the world might be hard on you but u r harder on urself

I’m sorry you feel like no cares but they really do, they just don’t understand. I feel the same way and that’s why I came on this meet others that feel like I do, others that understand. I understand and I’m here if you need to just talk. You are not alone.

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Thanks alot

I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling so lonely and depressed. It is so difficult to try and understand those feelings if you haven’t experienced those emotions yourself. I know you are not alone. There are so many people who are dealing with this issue today or have dealt with it in the past.

I have been in a place in my life where I was with a group of people but felt so alone. It was so weird to feel like that when I was surrounded by people who were so happy and enjoying their lives. But I was going through a tough time in my life and was having a difficult time trying to accept the changes that had happened. I’ve heard that time heals, and for me, it did. It took a while for me to overcome. One thing that has helped me, is to start thinking about all the things that are positive in my life and being thankful. It is hard to feel lonely and sad when you are being thankful. Right? It helped me to change my perspective.

Have you been dealing with this for a long period of time? Did something happen that triggered these feelings? Do you think going to the doctor’s or having a therapist to talk to about your feelings would help?

Well feeling lonely has been a thing since I was young and I guess seeing myself being 27 and still with no family of my own kinda makes it worse. I been in and out of bad relationships. I guess that with time I told myself that everything was fine and I have reached my own limit. I guess faking that all is fine and not telling nobody how I really feel is overwelming and has been eating me from the inside

Have you done any self-exploration as to why you have had these feelings for such a long time? Sometimes it helps to understand better where those feelings are coming from, don’t you think? For me, I was lonely when my 12-year marriage ended, it was so hard to deal with my emotions. I also ended up with a bit of depression, so I went to the doctors to get some help. It took me about six months to start to feel better.

Do you have any good friends or family support? I’m sure thinking of you and hoping that you start to feel better.

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