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2nd Week of Going to a University

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So this is my 2nd week attending a university, and so far my panic attacks have decreased A LOT. I still have bouts of crying, and my paranoia is still there, but I’m coping.

My social anxiety is still through the roof, and I’m still feeling anxious whenever I even walk outside with people around me, or sit in a public classroom.

If anyone has any tips onto how to decrease my severe social anxiety, please don’t mind to comment below, since this year has started on a stressful level. Thanks! ❤️🙌

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It’s ok to feel stressed and uncomfortable in that environment. What helps me is trying to focus on interesting stuff you like to do, or would like to try out whether it’s a class, playing an instrument, a video game, a sport, etc. Then try to find an organization or other students that want to do that stuff together or talk about it. Just hit up a couple group meetings and see if you like it if you want. You can learn a lot that way, have some neat adventures, and meet some good people in my experience.

Thanks for the advice! I’ve been trying to spend less time on my phone and more time on things that motivate me, like reading or playing an instrument.

I use music or podcasts in public to take my mind off of things. Drawing decreases my anxious thoughts. Don’t forget to breathe. Make sure you become your own cheerleader. Celebrate your successes. You can do this!

I haven’t drawn in a long time, but that, with the others, are so good. I just need to become more positive. 😊

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