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Having a tough time


Hi there,

I posted yesterday but wanted to post again. I’m just feeling at a loss of what to do. I’m almost on week 6 of my medications and I still feel like an emotional mess. Suddenly my anxiety and depression are back. I could hardly leave my bed today. Dark thoughts creep in and out. I’ve been dealing with feeling disconnected and not myself since thanksgiving time, and I’m just so very tired. I miss being able to connect with people. To go about my day. I had to take short term disability because work was impossible. I’ve had blood tests to see if I’m deficient in anything. I’ve had my ears and eyes checked. I meditate. I pray. I hope. Nothing seems to be working. The meds helped for about two weeks but now I’m back to feeling incredibly sad and lost again. Sometimes I feel like my psychiatrist isn’t listening to me when I ask about the potential for a new medication, or that maybe I shouldn’t take Lorazepam every night. Im just at a loss. Sometimes I wish I was just admitted to the hospital so I could get more help. I just want my life back.

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I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. Keep meditating and praying, and I'll be praying for you too. This too shall pass, keep telling yourself that..It will pass, I promise! You are a strong person, and you WILL win this battle!! Definitely tell your psychiatrist how you've been feeling, and if she doesn't listen maybe find a new one. You deserve to be heard! I feel exactly the way you do every day, and it's so frustrating..but I'm here for you, we all are. ❤

I'm sure no one will care that you've posted yesterday and now today - infact as a community we'd prefer so.

Can you change your psychiatrist? Especially if you're feeling that they aren't taking you seriously?

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It’s so hard to find one so I’m having a tough time switching. But I’m going to see my primary care doc this week to see if I can work with her on the meds instead of him

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Well I shall keep everything crossed for you. I hated the period of finding the right meds to keep me sane so my thoughts go to you

The problem is that a psychiatrist is not required by law to listen to a patients problem past his final identification of the nature of your illness. They primary focus is to prescribe medication.

Understandable but surely he / she has a duty of care to make sure the patient is on a course of medication that is actually beneficial to them?

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Yes I agree, and that’s sort of what I’m starting to realize. I don’t distrust him or anything, but I think I need to be working through my medication changes with someone who hears me out a bit more instead continually says “stay the course.” I ended up in the ER last night from dark thoughts and told my psychiatrist. He wants me to lower my dose from 12.5 to 5mg now.

Sorry to hear of your struggle, I too was in the same place as you. But I had to turn myself in a week, and just taking medication, and when I got out I had two more attacks. But what I have found out. It's not just the things, of people who Tigger your anxiety it could be a number of things. One thing, I found out, was the dryer signal, was triggering them, and this was because I was still having anxiety and did not know. Just because we take the med, we still have to find the triggers to help minimize, and give ourselves, time to calm down.

Hang in there! There are alot of meds you can try until you find the one that works best for you. For me, alprazolam was the answer. Stops the panic dead in its tracks. I also take trazadone

and fluoxetine . I hope your dr. tries a few different meds that will work great for you. God bless.

I am sorry you are going through this. You are in a growth period. Joyce Meyer said the other day, " when we enjoy where we are we appreciate the growth we've experienced, but if we are unsettled then we are in a growth period." Through all the dark days, you will learn and grow more. I hope that makes sense. You are full of strength and courage just sharing and getting others to share, thank you for that. Have you thought about a church where you can get into a good women's group? Support at this time is so important. Also, you will realize that you are not the only one who feels this way. Also, have you tried just writing your feelings out? That helped me a lot also. I read a lot and want to leave you with what I read it's a quote a baseball player wrote, his name is Wade Boggs, " A positive attitude causes a chain reaction, of positive events, thoughts and outcomes." stay positive and know that getting better and being positive happens one moment at a time. Something that grows slowly endures, something that grows fast withers. Proud of you for reaching out for help and stay positive and strong. Here for you.

Wow this is such a supportive community. Thank you all for your thoughts and help ❤️ I know I can get through this

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