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Peanut 🥜 Butter && Jelly Sandwich 🥪


Ok I know this is completely random, but ever since I was a kid (I’m 27) I have loved pb & j sandwiches 🥪 they are just so delicious 🤤

I remember as a kid going on field trips and you could either ask for a bag lunch or pack your own.

I always packed but there were times when I would get the school lunch bag and I remember everything that was inside.

A pb&j 🥪 sandwich

An apple

Some chips

Carrots with ranch


And don’t forget your choice of (carton of milk)

I just can’t get my mind off of it, I am craving it (not pregnant) but I’m trying to change my eating habits. Also, I was just thinking why do people hate peanut butter so much??

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Sounds good 😋

I share your joy!! I LOVE pb&j , the slightly sweet and sour flavour is so comforting yummy 🤗

😍😍😍 pb&j on Ritz cracker....

Aaaaa the memories 🥪🥜🤤♥️

Man pb&j is amazing!! I introduced that western sandwich to my coworkers when I lived in blew their minds, because their peanut butter is like a sweet peanut cream. Not like Skippy or Jif!

in reply to Cynnzeia

Yesss!! Jif and Peter Pan brands are a def fav!

Change your eating habits tomorrow and load that sucker up with potato chips too!!!! PbJ’s rule!!!!

in reply to Jimhoy

Jajajajajaja I did eat the pb&j with chips!!! 🥪😋😋😋

I really like peanut butter! I'd have a very similar lunch to you, but my sandwich would be peanut butter and honey. That used to be my go-to. 🐝😊

Never tried it like that!

It's good. :)

I like PBJ and peanut butter banana. When I was in junior high a 1/3 of a quart milk carton was .06 cents. Yes, I am almost 61.

in reply to JohnPB

I love that too!!

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