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Okay so im currently recovering from an ear infection and i have no pain anymore whatsoever my ears just feel clogged and when i talk i feel like i have a stuffed nose and im congested and my voice sounds amplified and im not sick is it normal will my hearing com back :(?! I was also wondering is it bad to keep cotton balls in my ears so nothing can go in ? and i can hear a little better from my ear if i have cotten on my other. Is why i leave it in my ear i do take it off to let my ear breathe but i just wanna know if it’s bad to keep it in !

Xoxonicky ❤️

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Im sure keeping cotton balls in is fine.

Sorry to hear yours ear r still clogged.

My ear is still clogged too. Dr gave me steroid tabs, decongestant, and nasal spray last week and it's slightly better. It's still clogged. Im hoping to get the water flush this week. I'll let u know how that goes. Hopefully it'll work. Hang in there.

I thought it would be bad i dont know why lol.

I know it feels uncomfortable but probably cause im still healing from the infection i had it bad i had inner and outter at the same time 😩

I Just Hope It goes away with time at least :( because i don not have the money for doctors visits and i have no insurance so it’s kind of difficult for me and my health anxiety doesn’t make it any better:/

I hope you feel better as well ! 🙏🏻❤️

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