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what kind of anxiety is this? (deep bass drop)

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little pre-story if interested: got anxiety about a year ago. had scary racing thoughts i couldn't control, extreme panic attacks where i was losing my mind, feeling of being away of reality (scary shit), and alot of images. i could go into details, but there is no reason for it, anxiety is the worst thing ever. i never got to any psychologist, because i wanted to try fix myself first, even when i thought it was impossible, but i got away with the anxiety and i never visited a psychologist, so i dont really exactly know what was wrong with me, (but did like 1000 hours of reading) but i still have a little problem left, and it's really starting to pissing me off.

its this bass drop thing. every time i hear a deep bass drop, my mind freezes, i feel like the air from my lungs are being sucked out, and suddenly stand on the edge to have a major panic attack. AND IT SUCKS! because i make beats on fl studio, and some times i accidentally press on those deep bass drops, and then suddenly shit hits the fan. some times i press on them purposely just to see if i get a panic attack, and the same shit happens everytime, my mind is never ready for those drops, i have to play them like 3 times after eachother for my brain to understand it's nothing. its so stupid, it always gets me off-guard. even when im prepared for it. but yeah, just wanna know if anyone have/had a similar problem? and know how to work it out? i know i could always get the bass drop MP3 file on USB, and practice it with a psychologist, but if i could handle it myself with advice from others for free, i would rather do that you know. hope somebody knows something!

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Sorry that I don't have any specific advice to offer regarding the bass drop. I was just interested in understanding if you are saying that this is the only thing that triggers panic for you now? That is pretty incredible if so. And would you mind sharing some of the reading resources you used to accomplish this?

no not really, alot of things can trigger my panic, thoughts, ideas, and moments going fast. but they don't even last a second, they dont even get through the first wall, and its gone as quickly as it came, like nothing have happened. but that i cannot do with the bass drop! it pulls me straight out, and gets me to the edge, where i have to relax myself. didn't read anything specific, just alot of symptoms, stories, cures. but i did that just because it was interresting and exciting. some times there goes like 2 months where i havent had anxiety or panic attacks, then i miss it. but the bass drop thing! that must go away! no, just kidding, if it stays, it stays, just gotta live with it

What's up, Tupak

The interesting about PTSD (and related) is that anything associated with the trauma can become a trigger no matter how inconsequential it seems. Vets from Vietnam don't like the rain. Vets from the Gulf don't like hot, dry places. It's possible that your mind saves all sorts of information that is present at the time of the incident. It can include sights, sounds, smells, accents, .... Is it possible that sound was related to the incident? (Makes sense if it happened at a club, maybe the wind was howling....)

Also, there are some interesting things we are learning about certain frequencies. There are some that they play during horror movies to trigger the hairs on the back of you neck for instance. They will also play a steady violin note when they want you to cry at the end of the movie. (The frequency of the violin is said to equate closest to the frequency of human emotions.) If you want to play with this, watch a horror movie with the sound off. Then put it on and see what it brings up. Some are related to balance/vertigo which is associated with the ears. We also have declassified sonic weapons. (See Also the recent sonic attacks against American's at the US Consulate in Havana Cuba.) Some sounds are doing a lot more than we think.

Just a few thoughts that sprang to mind; I hope something was helpful.

funny! yes, sound was involved to the incident, so that makes totally sense. and thank you, very interresting reading, it was helpful!

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